Infor CloudSuite solutions offer best-of-breed functionality at a predictable price

Eliminate the hassle of juggling multiple vendors and product upgrade schedules

Which is the right path forward for your business, given the unique pressures of your industry? Should you stick with on-premises solutions, continue investing heavily in servers and IT staff, and expect downtime during every upgrade? Or is now the time to adopt Infor CloudSuite solutions and take advantage of a reduced IT burden along with greater uptime?

Don’t make decisions like these alone. Partner with Doppio. We have the industry experience and business process knowledge to implement your industry-specific Infor CloudSuite solution.

Infor CloudSuite Industry Solutions

When it comes to food and beverage manufacturing, most ERP software falls short of meeting all your critical business needs. For example, to ensure product freshness and consumer safety, you need to be able to monitor and track your inventory much more closely than other types of manufacturers. But typical ERP platforms don’t offer the sublot tracking functionality you need.

Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage provides a Graphical Lot Tracker that enables you to track your finished goods with precision. This speeds up recalls and minimizes the chances that consumers will be affected by a defective product. Infor also offers a built-in Quality Management System that’s designed to help you ensure your food products meet national and international reporting and compliance requirements.

Are you a mix-mode manufacturer that needs to schedule production orders in ways that minimize downtime while helping you manage variances and yield effectively? Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage offers manufacturing and scheduling tools designed to meet these specific needs.

With CloudSuite Food & Beverage, you won’t need to modify and maintain point-to-point solutions just to keep your business running. Ask Doppio to partner with you in implementing a solution that’s tailored to the food and beverage industry.

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Stringent labeling regulations and Safe Quality Food (SQF) standards present a challenge whether you’re producing food, beverages, chemicals, or life sciences products. Failure to call out allergens or other harmful substances on a label could harm your customers and leave you vulnerable to legal action. If you’re still managing labels in spreadsheets, you’re putting hours of extra work into the process just to stay in compliance. And if your product data lives in a series of silos, you’re struggling to bring your product development, marketing, and manufacturing teams together in ways that improve your bottom line.

Infor Optiva is a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution designed specifically for companies like yours. With Infor Optiva, you can gain a centralized view of your product data and processes throughout your organization. You’ll more easily meet reporting and compliance requirements and reduce the time needed to develop and introduce new products. You’ll have the cost calculation capabilities you need to improve your margins. Recipe management functionality makes it easy for you to include appropriate warnings on your product labels. And all your users from operations, product development, and marketing can collaborate as they bring your new products to market.

Don’t waste time and resources implementing and integrating point solutions that will never quite meet your needs or scale with your business. Doppio can partner with you in implementing a solution that’s tailored to the PLM challenges of process manufacturers.

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When your business revolves around selling, renting, or servicing equipment, you have a lot of moving parts—literally. Every communication lapse between you and your manufacturers or dealers can result in pieces of equipment that aren’t driving revenue for you. And when you can’t accurately measure the total cost of your equipment—including purchase, rental, maintenance, and disposal—you struggle to price it in ways that protect your profit margins.

Infor CloudSuite Equipment is a comprehensive ERP solution for equipment dealers, rental companies, and service providers. It enhances business processes from initial forecasting and sale of equipment through shipment, renting, servicing, overhaul, and final disposal. Infor M3 gives you the flexibility and scalability you need to expand into new markets—and to adapt to change in the ones you’re already serving.

With Infor CloudSuite Equipment, you can:

  • Use a single, consolidated system across your service, sales, and rental operations.
  • Maintain complete visibility between your manufacturers and dealers.
  • Cost out all your new and used equipment.
  • Predict future demand for your parts and services.

Don’t let disconnected systems stand in the way of greater profitability from all your equipment. Doppio can partner with you in implementing a solution that’s tailored to equipment providers.

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Styles are changing before garments even hit the rack. To compete for customers, you need to be agile enough to keep evolving your product line. Only one thing can stand in your way: business systems built for yesterday’s pace of business. When you can’t get your hands on supplies soon enough or change a production schedule quickly enough to exploit an opportunity, it means your business systems are turning wins into losses.

Infor CloudSuite Fashion is designed to help you meet the rapidly changing demands of your customers. Whether you manufacture products, own a brand, or are a private retailer, it can support all your core processes in ways that help you design and innovate quickly. Infor provides the demand forecasting, materials management, and supply chain management functionality you need to stay ahead of your competition.

With Infor CloudSuite Fashion, you can:

  • Optimize your sourcing, supply chain, and collections processes.
  • Manage a high volume and variety of production.
  • Easily fulfill consumer demand, whether you’re a retail or wholesale business.


In addition, having a single integrated financial system of record will help your fashion-based business make faster decisions that keep you one step ahead of consumer demand.

This integrated, configurable solution lets you manage the entire fashion process—from design, source, and distribute, to manufacturing, private brand retail, and wholesale. With Infor Fashion, you can move as quickly as the market does. Doppio can partner with you in implementing a solution that’s ready for EDI transactions, credit card processing, and more.

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