Doppio delivers AP automation for Rudd Equipment

Using Infor OS and IDM Capture, we helped Rudd automate their invoice automation process directly into APS 450.


Rudd has a rolodex of 1,600 suppliers

At the commencement of the project Rudd had 60,000 scanned invoices 

Invoices are presented in-context to the supplier record

Rudd also leverages ION API between parts online store and Infor M3

Industry Equipment Distribution 

Solution Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise

Location Corbin, KY

“We first met Doppio Group at the M3 User Group of the Americas (MUGA) meeting and they showed us good expertise in integrating M3 to external systems, including the order entry process. At project start, when everyone’s role was clear, working with the team in India worked very well. I like the transparency of project hours spent, and trying to keep cost within budget.”

– Fons van Aert, Director of IT at Rudd Equipment Company


Needing to migrate to Infor M3 multi-tenant

As a large scale equipment distribution company and longstanding Infor M3 customer, Rudd was actively migrating from on-premise to multi-tenant. This transition involved numerous technological changes and required hefty feature integrations. Most notably in this respect was Rudd’s need to revisit their OCR and replace their existing tool with Infor Document Capture, an M3 tool integrated with Infor OS.


Learning a new OCR tool while working with a 1600 supplier rolodex

The challenge associated with successfully migrating to IDM Capture was twofold. First, Rudd’s rolodex of 1600 suppliers needed to be accounted for in the migration process in order to deliver an effective IDM Capture integration. As such, the main endeavour consisted of training the OCR engine to not only identify, but properly categorize outliers, among a substantially high volume and wide range of invoice documents.


Migrating to Infor’s IDM Capture by building and testing a batch class, and training Rudd’s IT team

After recognizing Rudd’s technological and business process needs, Doppio detailed a project plan and timeline to ensure collaboration and transparency in regards to the migration. Over the course of the next few months, Doppio worked closely with Rudd’s IT team to effectively manage the migration from old processes and systems to Infor’s IDM Capture toolset. In particular, Doppio built a batch class specific to the invoice document type that was simultaneously able to capture headers and line level detail in the recognition engine. Furthermore, our team trained suppliers on the machine learning model and used IDM Capture to seamlessly integrate any physical document into Infor M3. 


Streamlined end-to-end automation by integrating Infor toolsets

The batch class that was built produced a high confidence score, enabling Rudd to streamline its automation and minimize human intervention. Rudd was now able to scan any document from any supplier, have its new IDM Capture integrated toolset capture the needed data, and proceed to the ION workflow tasked with payment approval. Moreover, all documents could start being uploaded into Infor M3’s APS 450 while being able view documents in-context to that program. 

Next Steps

The digital transformation continues

As a result of the successful migration, Rudd entrusted Doppio with post go live issues. Both parties continue to work together under an extended support arrangement to ensure Rudd’s continued success with using Infor M3 to digitally transform and maintain their business. 

What did we learn?

The importance of validating user interfaces

During the implementation we discovered the M3 AP business process required us to store all the M3 supplier information on Ephesoft’s database, this enabled Rudd’s team to lookup supplier details by using FuzzyDB logic. We now see this as a standard implementation, specific to Infor M3. 

Yash Badia


Bangalore, IN