Brownells maximizes Infor CloudSuite functionality

By standardizing on Infor CloudSuite, Brownells is able to view sales, orders, and lead times in real time


Brownells operates in a market that requires several validations and background checks per order

Doppio built custom H5 scripts and H5 web applications to handle the complex validations systems

Crow, a division of Brownells also leverages Orderful to run EDI

Industry Firearms

Solution CloudSuite Implementation

Locations Grinnell, IA

“Doppio has come into our project bringing a depth of technical knowledge, translating our business logic and regulatory constraints to enhance order entry processes. They were able to use creative solutions with the core functionality, integrating multiple external interfaces so that it blended into the Infor application.”

–  Scott Argo, Senior Business Manager – Enterprise Applications at Brownells, Inc.


Extending order entry using the Infor M3 extensibility tools

Brownells, the world’s leading source for gun parts and accessories, was experiencing significant operational challenges. While transitioning to Infor CloudSuite, the company found itself needing more from the standard order entry functionalities of Infor CloudSuite given their complex use case and unique business needs. Consequently, Brownells entrusts Doppio to provide the extensibility needed to maximize their instance of Infor CloudSuite. 


Managing internal and external systems to fulfill a rigorous order management process


Not only did the company have a rigorous validation process, but also several internal and third party systems that contributed to it at various stages. Doppio needed to ensure that CloudSuite’s standard order and entry management was elevated via API integration in order to allow Brownells to meet legal requirements across jurisdictions in addition to alerting the company of any additional licensing. Furthermore, the numerous systems that would be called to accomplish the validation needed to be appropriately referenced and understood.


Extending existing CloudSuite functionality to support legal requirements

Once the technical requirements and the project scope were identified, Doppio consultants got started on the extensibility requirements. The required complex validations were handled using a combination of H5 scripts and H5 web application. One on hand, the scripts were built to be able to call custom-built ION APIs to validate the order itself as well as licenses and delivery methods. On the other hand, a summary page was designed using the web apps which provided an executive overview of key information pertaining to each order including: totals, weight, delivery method, payment terms, etc. These custom pages also authorized shortcuts to other programs, while allowing for special orders such as those made with a promotion or gift card. 


Seamless end-to-end order management consisting of business process specific validations and functionalities

Both the H5 scripts and the H5 web application that were built significantly increased the order management using multiple functionalities, automations and validations. As a result, Brownells could now reap the benefits of an automated order management system using a heightened Infor CloudSuite environment. The complex integrations that were built allowed their operation and supply chain activities to be handled effectively while informing their sales and strategy abilities. Furthermore, Doppio’s use of H5 and ION APIs allowed the solution to be future proof, enabling a lean integration once Brownells would migrate to CloudSuite. 

Next Steps

Infor CloudSuite to continues power best-in-breed integration

Following this successful undertaking, Brownells has continued relying on Doppio for optimizing their Infor CloudSuite environment. Our team actively helps Brownells with their digital transformation as the company continues to grow in size and product offerings. 

What did we learn?

The importance of leveraging CloudSuite’s extensibility tools to integrate a complex system business infrastructure

Numerous internal and third-party systems – while essential for use cases as seen with Brownells – should not be the status quo approach. Instead, it is best practice to recognize the need for multiple systems early and use an all-encompassing solution such as Infor CloudSuite in order to simplify the intricacies of cross-functional business operations. 

Pranav Sharad

Director of Consulting Services

Bangalore, India

Siva Swarna

Senior Technical Consultant

Vancouver, BC