Red Wing’s Infor M3 B2B integration enables an efficient supply chain 

Red Wing connects their supply chain to recognize revenue faster


Red Wing has 72 active trading partners

Red Wing has five integrated EDI transaction types: 810, 850, 855, 856, and 846

Doppio Group added trading partner specific logic, such as the addition of tracking number to the 856

Doppio partnered with Red Wing to fix a chargeback timing issue

Industry Fashion (B2B & B2C) 

Solution Infor M3, SPS Commerce

Location Red Wing, MN

“Doppio Group has been a solid partner of Red Wing Shoe Company for many years. We engaged with them to assist with simplifying our EDI landscape by consolidating EDI tools and moving from many customizations to a more standardized approach. Their knowledge of EDI, Infor’s M3 application, and our environment helped to make this a seamless transition. We had a very aggressive migration timeline of less than 3 months and we were able to successfully complete the transition of all trading partners with little to no impact to our customers or order processing teams. We could not have accomplished this effort without their expertise and attention to detail they provided in the upfront planning.”

– Chris Doman, Lead Business System Analyst at Red Wing Shoes


Needing to standardize EDI systems and processes

Red Wing, a premium safety and heritage footwear brand, was originally using two EDI solutions, SPS and another EDI software provider. Having to navigate the substantial mix of both providers on a regular basis prompted the company to find a solution in order to mitigate the constant crossover between the two. In particular, Red Wing wanted to standardize trading partner specific logic and error handling in a singular EDI software platform.


Managing 72 trading partners across multiple systems during the migration

The main challenge with this project was managing EDI in multiple systems while allowing the migration to take place. In terms of the migration itself, it was imperative that EDI could be viewed and interacted with on one software platform in real time. Not only this, but Red Wing had 72 trading partners at the time that the project was initiated.


Documenting specifications, developling logic, and standardizing maps

Once the project plan was agreed upon by both parties, Doppio began by documenting trading partner specifications from original EDI providers. Over the course of the next twenty weeks, Doppio consultants developed logic into standardized MEC maps to pull information from the GUGEX and then integrated turnaround logic. Rigorous testing was also conducted during this timeframe to ensure a seamless integration.


Fully automated PO and invoice processing thanks to effective three-way collaboration

The Doppio team successfully migrated Red Wing’s trade partner specifications to SPS. This enabled Red Wing to work with retailers via EDI transactions and to fully automate PO and invoice processing. This best of breed project also established tight-knit collaboration between SPS, Doppio, and Red Wing Shoes using Teamwork to manage the project deliverables. From a business perspective, this new integration allowed Red Wing to streamline their supply chain while simultaneously accounting for revenue at a faster rate. Following this professional services project, Red Wing has looked to Doppio for ongoing production support due to their effective approach and ability to interact with SPS Commerce as well as the Red Wing business and IT teams. 

Next Steps

Growing trading partner network

Since the successful migration, Red Wing has continued to rely on Doppio for Infor M3 expertise. In particular, our teams work together to support Red Wing’s growing network of trading partners.

What did we learn?

Maximizing Trading Partner Testing

We started this project with the most complex trading partner. This served as a baseline for the other guidelines and nuances. Once we were live with this high volume trading partner, it made the others feel simple. 

Ajay Yadukrishnan


Bangalore, India