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Doppio Group has now partnered with ProShip, Inc., a leading global provider of enterprise-wide, multi-carrier shipping and manifesting software.

Integrating multi-carrier shipping software for Infor M3 customers
Doppio Group has now partnered with ProShip, Inc., a leading global provider of enterprise-wide, multi-carrier shipping and manifesting software. With this partnership, M3 customers have the power to integrate all their transportation processes directly with their M3 ERP.
Shipping software that can integrate with your Infor M3 ERP can make a big impact in streamlining your logistics department, increasing profitability and ultimately increasing your customer satisfaction. A consolidated and integrated shipping solution will enable you to:

  • Achieve the lowest possible freight costs on all shipments.
  • Produce carrier-certified shipping labels, manifests and required documents.
  • Increase operational efficiencies through automation.
  • Raise visibility for live package status, delivery updates and shipment history for internal and external customer use.

“Integrating your Infor M3 system, shipping processes and other warehouse technologies will help you leverage a cost-effective, interconnected supply chain,” said Tony Verrill, Manager of Channel Sales and Partnerships for ProShip, Inc. “ProShip’s partnership with Doppio Group provides M3 end users a competitive advantage with shipping costs while increasing productivity across their business.”
ProShip continues to partner with innovative technology experts like Doppio Group who are on top of the latest, most creative technology solutions to help drive our M3 customers’ growth.
“Through our collaboration with ProShip, Doppio Group is excited to provide our clients with another way to streamline their businesses,” said Erik Kiser, CEO of Doppio Group.  “We believe in the cost savings and efficiencies associated with ProShip’s products.”

About ProShip, Inc.
ProShip, Inc., a Neopost company, is a global provider of enterprise-wide, multi-carrier shipping and manifesting software solutions. Installed at customer sites around the world, the ProShip® Product Suite has the fastest, most carrier-compliant services in the industry, integrates seamlessly with host systems and features a unified shipping process for mid- to high-volume small parcel, LTL and TL shipments. ProShip has also expanded its product line with the launch of Packcity Intelligent Parcel Lockers, an automated electronic locker system that securely stores packages for easy retrieval, and the CVP-500 automated packaging solution. For more information, please visit www.proshipinc.com.

About Doppio Group
Doppio Group is the leading Infor M3 integration provider for manufacturing, distribution and retail organizations around the world. Doppio Group’s global team of experts is transforming the way its customers operate. From identifying small integration opportunities to long-term engagements, Doppio Group’s serves as an extension of your IT practice, enabling you to scale. In addition to services, Doppio Group has also launched an interactive, EDI Dashboard to provide real-time information for M3 users with a free trial currently available. Doppio Group’s value proposition is simple: help clients save money while simplifying IT challenges through flexible service arrangements.

Get in touch with Doppio Group by filling out the contact form to discuss how we can help you succeed with Infor M3 integrations, implementations, and upgrades to on premises and in the cloud.

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