Infor M3 Integrated EDI: Streamline Your Supply Chain

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Missing the link to a smooth-running supply chain? Learn why you might be experiencing difficulties with EDI and how Doppio can help you digitally transform your business with integrated EDI.

EDI is at the heart of supply chain management across industries around the world. EDI, i.e. electronic data interchange, allows businesses to transmit information that was traditionally transmitted via paper, digitally using a standard format. Infor M3 EDI integrations allows this intercompany communication to occur seamlessly, ensuring that the information one party sends is accurately received by the other. 

A manual approach using on-premises technologies limits efficiency, accuracy, and most importantly, overall business performance. Not only does a disjointed system typically entail significant time constraints and data transformation errors, but also impedes trading partner enablement and cost efficiency due to expensive VAN feeds. 

Over the past six years, Doppio has successfully completed and provided post implementation support for hundreds EDI integrations. Our team of expert consultants are well versed in building and managing an integrated EDI environment and providing managed EDI support services. 

Why legacy EDI systems no longer make the cut

As more and more companies enter international markets, the complexity of their supply chain increases significantly. This translates to a steady rise in intercompany communication as well as magnified complexity of technical requirements needed to support the information from one computer application to another. Inevitably, EDI is – now, more than ever – a critical component of B2B integration and order fulfillment. 

Unfortunately, numerous companies are not able to capitalize on EDI’s digitization and as a result, support growing business needs, not to mention local or international expansion. These companies are held back by legacy systems or value-added networks (VAN). Tools such as Gentran or Liaison force users to use separate tools to map, transfer, and integrate tasks, which proves to not only be time consuming, but also quite expensive. 

Why EDI integrations are vital to your business

Ensure best possible business performance

Both from an operational standpoint as well as from a financial one, well-integrated and managed EDI can drastically improve business performance. Making use of a cloud EDI environment allows you to see transactions as they occur in real time in addition to the documents that emerge from said transactions. Leveraging this automation provides greater visibility into and across your supply chain, regardless of its inherent complexity. 

Furthermore, if you’re not automating EDI data, you’re leaving money on the table– better said, in the pockets of outdated tool providers. Traditional legacy systems demand expensive VAN fees in addition to requiring countless payroll hours to complete the same tasks an automation would take care of while navigating multiple tools to do so.

Overall, automated EDI helps you improve your bottom line. With greater supply chain agility, you’re able to accelerate the order-to-cash process meaning you can sell more and get paid faster. 

Enable growth opportunities 

In addition to improving current business performance, integrating EDI in the cloud opens doors to opportunities. Once you connect your existing Infor M3 ERP to the EDI solution that we develop, you’re able to use reliable, pre-built connectors for any EDI transaction, any time. This functionality sets a foundation for connections in the retail space, streamlining your trading partner enabling process. 

Whether you’re seeking to establish new sales channels or to expand your business by entering new local or international markets, the customizations and features using an end-to-end EDI integration allows you to do so effortlessly. 

What EDI software works with Infor M3 ERP?

In order to maximize Infor M3’s functionalities, we’ve broken down how you can enable your current environment with EDI software. 


We partner with Orderful–a cloud EDI platform for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers alike–acts as an API hub for EDI integrations. If you’re in need of replacing your existing EDI infrastructure with a complete cloud-based solution, we can help you upgrade your Infor M3 environment accordingly. 

SPS Commerce

Another one of our key strategic partners is SPS Commerce, a highly-integratable EDI software that enhances automation, increases process efficiency, and improves data analysis. SPS provides users instant access to a network of mapped EDI connections consisting of over 90,000 players in the retail space. Combining our integration expertise with SPS Commerce allows you to tap into a network of predefined guidelines which in turn eliminate the need to write code between disparate systems.


IBM Gentran is a versatile tool that assists users with EDI and other similar types of data. Our team has unparalleled knowledge of EDI integrations and MEC as well as vast experience working with systems such as Liaison and Gentran, providing yet another way to upgrade EDI within your existing Infor M3 ERP. 

Client in Action

We’ve successfully navigated hundreds of enterprise-level EDI projects across multiple industries including food and beverage, apparel, equipment, construction, just to name a few. When we first started working with Jelly Belly Candy Company, they had thousands of SKUs across three manufacturing locations. By integrating their Infor M3 ERP with EDI, we helped Jelly Belly reduce retailer chargebacks by 25%. This was accomplished through using a standardized integration approach, closely coordinating with customer services, logistics and A/R departments. 

For an in depth example of our customer success in regard to EDI integration, take a look at our client showcase featuring Red Wing Shoes

Wrap Up

We live in the age of integration and digital transformation. As the market leader for Infor M3 EDI integrations, our proven architecture and approach in addition to our consultant expertise simplify the EDI process. When you choose Doppio to build and manage an integrated EDI environment, you’re guaranteed budget predictability and seamless day-to-day management. 

Get in touch with Doppio Group by filling out the contact form to see how we can help you succeed with Infor M3 EDI integrations. 

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