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ION Workflow and Alerts provides users with a workflow task or alerts based on an event in Infor M3.

Alerts and workflows are an important feature of Infor ION, which provides users with a notification and a task created by a process in M3. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could trigger an alert and workflow from the M3 business engine? In this post, I will explain about how to trigger workflows and alerts from an M3 program.

First, we need to set up the Event subscription in CMS045 and configure Event-based alerts.

In the below example, I set up the event subscription on OCUSMA (customer master ) table’s update operation and configured an event-based alert to trigger a workflow call ‘CustomerApproved’ in ION, when the customer status changed to status ’20’



Next, activate the Pulse BOD session in Event analytics. This rule will look for create operation in M3 table CMAILB and generate a trigger for pulse alert, Pulse Notification, Pulse Task and Pulse Notification




Then activate the Pulse Alert, Pulse Task and workflow mapping in the IEC management pages




Develop a workflow in ION to generate a task and notification from the workflow.



Perform the action in M3 to see the Workflow and Alert triggered at which point corresponding Alerts and Tasks are visible in ION. Verify this action in OneView of ION for the Pulse Alert BOD carrying the message from M3





You can also create an email notification for the tasks created



Similarly, you can configure the Alerts to see the following –




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