Infor M3 Integrated EDI Benefits

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William Kragie

Integrating Infor M3 orders is the most basic way to experience EDI benefits by replacing manual orders with an automated system.

Integrated EDI environments are a strategic advantage against your competitors.  As a supply chain organization in today’s global environment, it’s necessary to automate.  While EDI integration is not always easy, it is essential in order to scale and increase productivity of your business.  If an integrated EDI system is not part of your organization’s IT infrastructure; you are losing time, money and opportunities compared to your competitors.

Time Savings

Integrating orders is the most basic way to experience time savings.  Replacing the manual process of keying in orders with an automated system reduces errors, increases productivity, and shifts the mentality of your work force.  Instead of feeling the necessity to touch every order, the customer service team can now review the process at a macro level to evaluate trends and recognize opportunities for improvement.

Cost Savings

Substantial cost savings are apparent in EDI environments, even if it means a challenging integration process or a non-perfect system.  Replacing the human element to keying in orders saves money by reducing errors and increasing productivity.  A system is a one-time expense, while people are constant.  Rather than keying, use your people to make valuable decisions.

Generate More Business

Our customers are seeing a 25% increase in revenue with their retailers after enabling EDI.  Enabling an integrated EDI environment creates a stronger relationship with your trading partner.  As these relationships continue to grow, so does your business.

Doppio Group’s SPS EDI Solution

Doppio Group has partnered with SPS Commerce for the past two years to provide a scalable EDI solution.  Our customers are experiencing time and cost savings, while generating more business.  Our proven partnership and integration with SPS Commerce provides a fixed cost around EDI and leverages modern technology to solve these complex problems.  Doppio Group aims to take the hassle out of EDI, allowing your company to focus on it’s core competencies.

About Doppio Group
Doppio Group is the leading Infor M3 integration provider for manufacturing, distribution and retail organizations around the world. Doppio Group’s global team of experts is transforming the way its customers operate. From identifying small integration opportunities to long-term engagements, Doppio Group’s serves as an extension of your IT practice, enabling you to scale. In addition to services, Doppio Group has also launched an interactive, EDI Dashboard to provide real-time information for M3 users with a free trial currently available. Doppio Group’s value proposition is simple: help clients save money while simplifying IT challenges through flexible service arrangements.

Get in touch with Doppio Group by filling out the contact form to discuss how we can help you succeed with Infor M3 integrations, implementations, and upgrades to on premises and in the cloud.

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