Infor Mongoose: The RAD Framework that Can Accelerate Your Business Digital Transformation

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Want to build an app for your business but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone, but it’s a challenge worth facing. According to a SAP Digital Transformation Executive Study, 80% of business leaders claim digital transformation has led to profit growth. With surging demand for corporate digitization over the past year, Infor offers a rapid application development (RAD) framework solution called Infor Mongoose.
Let’s take a closer look at how this product from Infor can help your business worldwide thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Why Infor Mongoose?

Digital transformation has fueled enterprise growth over the past several years. As a market leader in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and management, Infor regularly develops new software to ensure they continue to drive their customers’ success across the globe. 
Leveraging your existing ERP investment, Infor Mongoose is a rapid application development framework that enables businesses of any size to create an application using APIs. With this tool, you can develop high-end apps that not only present revenue potential but also offer optimized add-on well-suited to your existing business processes and goals.

Tackle the disconnected tech stack problem

The problem for many would-be developers is that developing hybrid applications on disparate platforms can be a headache. If you use multiple tools, it becomes almost inevitable to run into software compatibility conflicts and integration challenges.
You can avoid the troubles of a disconnected tech stack by unifying your application development on one platform via Infor ION API & Infor Mongoose. With a unified development environment, your team can avoid inconsistencies in the code, as you handle all your development needs in one place, including:

  • Mobile solutions, such as Factory Track
  • Portal solutions, like a Customer Portal
  • Extensions, such as procurement workflow app 
  • Standalone software, quality management

Simplify development processes

With its automatic adherence to Infor UX stylesheet standards, Infor Mongoose provides these fundamental solutions—and then takes them further. For instance, you can develop your applications on a browser without the need to write any code or hire a third-party developer. That being said, if you want to design a more customized app, the platform accommodates mid-level and high-level developers with advanced development skills.

Empower users to create faster, more optimized apps

Mongoose uses a metadata-driven framework to empower users to build reliable, reusable, and repeatable applications. With this approach, users don’t have to start from scratch every time they work on a new application or extend the functionalities of an existing app. Any Mongoose app looks and feels like the other suite of Infor applications. 

Reduce production timelines and minimize costs

Infor Mongoose cuts the cost of heavy upgrades while significantly speeding up the deployment time. This rapid application development platform removes the need to maintain multiple code versions for your tablet, mobile, and desktop applications.
This approach means you’ll have one code base and one deployment channel for your applications. Infor Mongoose connects with other Infor ION (Intelligent Open Network) tools, and it’s automatically upgradeable on-premise and in the cloud.

Built-In Rapid Application Development Framework 

Infor Mongoose Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform is an add-on to the Infor OS suite. With this RAD framework right inside the Infor OS suite, users can access and work with all enterprise apps enabled to work with Infor Portal and Infor ION API.
This framework enables you to build applications for use by your customers, supply chain, and internal team. Over-complexity or simplification issues are worries of the past as you can create simple code snippets or advanced ERP apps with Mongoose. The RAD platform integrates across all Infor-ION enabled enterprise apps.
Infor Mongoose also supports SoHo user components which provide with you a collection of predefined options for designing and building forms. Without writing code, you’re able to implement dozens of form features, including:

  • Autocomplete
  • Calendar
  • Progress indicator
  • Rating
  • Time Picker
  • Switch
  • Slider

As a SoHo compliant application development platform, Infor Mongoose extends your form’s design and functionalities and also supports key features, such as:

The RAD framework enables you to quickly design, build, and launch applications for your business right from your browser. Moreover, Mongoose optimizes your applications to work on mobile, tablet, and desktop with a single source code.

Infor Mongoose Features and Functionalities 

In the digital age, accelerating app design and deployment is a significant advantage for enterprises. Here are a few of the main features and functionalities Infor Mongoose offers to help you get an edge:

Build applications for ERP systems

As a RAD framework, Infor Mongoose helps minimize your application development processes without compromising your system’s integrity. Users can deliver extended functions and enhance existing features in their current ERP platforms.
Furthermore, Mongoose has vast integration capabilities so that you can capture and utilize data from other Infor OS tools, including:

  • Coleman Digital Assistant
  • Coleman AI Platform as a Service
  • 3rd Party APIs via ION API
  • Data Lake

Applications work across multiple devices

Mongoose lets you create end-user interfaces that flow seamlessly across devices. It provides you with enterprise-level, pre-built options that you can use to design, develop, and deploy your application right from a browser. 
Better yet, this application development environment removes the hassle of creating separate versions of your application for different devices. Mongoose shares your business logic and objects across all device categories—as soon as you publish your application, it’s instantly usable on desktop, browser, and mobile interfaces.

Automatic upgrades

You don’t need to understand programming languages or how source codes work because Mongoose continually maintains and builds upon its framework to extend your core enterprise solutions.
Mongoose separates your base code from your extensions by storing the latter in metadata. As a result, your assets remain intact and automatically upgrade when you deploy to newer versions of your base application.

When Do I Use Infor Mongoose?

Homepages, App Builder, and Mongoose are all Infor products that cater to your application development needs. It’s easy to get a little confused and wonder how and when to use each one. Let’s break it down.


Infor Homepages lets you create personalized home pages using data from various ERP systems and other systems. Homepages allow you to set up custom pages that meet your needs by connecting and configuring widgets.
Widgets are single-purpose, small apps that give users quick access to information at a glance or enable interactive functions. 

App Builder

App Builder is a highly flexible development suite that offers a set of tools for designing online applications. You can incorporate and run App Builder in Infor Mongoose to reuse your existing business logic on multiple Infor products. Then you can develop complex applications based on that business logic.
You can start working on an app in App Builder and then open it in Mongoose for further development. Likewise, you can import apps to App Builder and continue developing them, even from third-party sources. 


Mongoose lets you design and build apps right in your browser and deploy them for use on the browser, mobile interfaces, and desktop. It allows you to integrate your applications across the Infor OS tech stack.
It doesn’t matter what your programming capabilities are. Whether you’re a business analyst, beginner developer, or seasoned programmer, you can leverage the benefits that come with Infor Mongoose.

When to use Mongoose or App Builder?

App Builder fits the purpose if you want to import or export codes across platforms. It allows you to move your code within or outside the Infor OS tech stack without any programming knowledge or experience. 
By contrast, Mongoose is excellent for rapid application development, where you’ll design, develop, and deploy your app right inside of the Infor OS environment.

Wrap Up

Developing applications that are ready to go to market in the shortest time possible is critical to your business’s success. Using Infor Mongoose for your app design, development, and deployment removes months of work and leverages your existing Infor spend. Doppio provides you with the support you need to make your corporate digitization seamless. Whether you’re trying to simplify your supply chain or modernize your industry business processes, Doppio can help you do more with Infor Mongoose.

Get in touch with Doppio Group by filling out the contact form to chat about your enterprise app development plans and how you can incorporate Infor Mongoose to speed things up. 

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