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Discover how Infor M3 Cloudsuite Fashion can improve your apparel business processes and keep your brand trending in the long run.

Fashion retailers need custom-built software solutions. Consumer preference for shopping has shifted to digital channels, and those who can meet customer demand with online services will enjoy a market advantage. 

Apparel business processes are also complex, and fashion retailers can benefit from software solutions throughout all levels of business. Cloud-based innovation provides a competitive edge, as it allows your business to streamline its unique processes with greater efficiency. 

To help retailers digitize, Infor M3 offers Cloudsuite™ Fashion, a software application that can enhance your fashion-specific processes. This article will discuss Infor M3 Cloudsuite™ Fashion and how you can use the apparel solution to improve your business outcomes.

What Is Infor M3 Cloudsuite™ Fashion?

Infor M3 Cloudsuite™ Fashion is a cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) service developed to manage the unique digital fashion processes of any brand, retailer, or manufacturer. The software helps optimize your core operations via analytics, integrations, and streamlined apparel management. 

Benefits of Infor M3 Cloudsuite™ Fashion

Using an ERP within your business helps centralize business operations into a single location, and Infor M3 Cloudsuite ™ offers services that create several direct benefits across five distinct categories. 

1. Production management

Easy product life cycle management: Infor M3 accelerates development cycles, and the software provides you better management capabilities over the entire product lifespan—from sourcing all the way to design. 

Simple product scheduling: Inventory management, returns processing, and shipping timelines continue to affect the fashion industry. With Cloudsuite™ Fashion, you can create advanced planning schedules that will save you money and match demand. 

Product innovation: Use data analysis to update your products based on trends, seasons, sustainability, and other market conditions. 

2. Application flexibility

Adjust to market demands: A lightweight, cloud-based system like Infor M3 Cloudsuite™ Fashion allows you to maintain operation agility, and easy integrations make your services flexible and scalable. 

Pivot with ease: Use Infor M3 to identify potential business adjustments that can lead to increased revenues and new business opportunities.

3. Forecasting

Demand planning:  Avoid product obsolescence and improve your delivery times with up-to-the-minute data gleaned from software insights.

Consumer behavior: Automated forecasting models enable you to aggregate data from previous consumer behavior and sales outcomes.

4. Cross-functional and comprehensive business insights

Supply chain visibility and automation: Improve supply chain visibility even if you outsource your production operations or automate all workflows.

Omni-channel fulfillment: As more consumers adopt online purchasing, fashion brands must deliver products across multiple outlets. Utilize Infor M3 Cloudsuite™ Fashion to organize and automate distribution over any sales channels you might integrate with.   

Warehouse and retailing strategy: Combine warehouse management with retailing to maintain optimal production levels and gain granular information on your held stock.

Hands-on financial control and user productivity: Quickly measure your company’s performance to gain deep insights and track your data to remain competitive and proactive.

Sourcing: Cloudsuite™ Fashion can identify new materials and source partnerships based on data collected from raw material availability. Allow your business to remain agile in response to changing consumer demands.

5. Technical Features

Document capture: Integrate Information Document Management (IDM) to improve your document capture infrastructure. Move physical data into the cloud to also create transparency, all while maintaining high-level security.

Enterprise-level analytics: Infor M3 Cloudsuite™ Fashion can collect and develop insights from a wide breadth of data, helping inform you of macro-level adjustments needed within company-wide operations. 

How Doppio Leverages Infor M3 Cloud Suite for Your Business

Fashion-specific software can elevate your business operations, but without a technology partner, implementation can turn into an extensive task. At Doppio, we can manage any software integrations in Infor M3 and accomplish several services for you and your organization. 

Setup and implement Cloudsuite™ Fashion

Doppio ensures a smooth transition of business-critical operations to Cloudsuite™ Fashion. The software is robust, and we ensure a proper setup so that the application can manage all of your ERP needs, including financing, supply chain management, production integrations, and procurement.

Program customization 

Shifting programs to the cloud can create errors or malfunction, and sometimes you need to rebuild code. We can help ease that transition and customize programs via H5 Scripting and Mashups that enable you to combine and adjust web applications from multiple sources into the new environment as needed.  

ION integrations

Intelligence Open Network (ION) is a middleware that eliminates data silos when integrating third-party applications with Infor. By leveraging ION, Doppio confirms that complex enterprise systems function over the long term. We can also make detailed adjustments to component applications with ease. 

IDM and IDM Capture implementation 

Capturing document information is essential for putting your business data to use. Doppio sets up Infor Document Management (IDM) capture, empowering companies to classify and organize documents in the cloud.

Use Cases of Cloudsuite™ Fashion

Doppio currently works with five fashion-focused companies ranging from custom apparel to shoe brands, helping to optimize any fashion software processes. Here are some of the direct service advantages that Doppio clients receive:

Integrated EDI implementation

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the process of exchanging business documents between companies. Invoices and purchase orders are standard examples of documents that undergo EDI. Doppio integrates ecommerce applications to achieve seamless and automated document exchange.

Credit card integrations

Fashion brands that do not provide low friction purchasing options are likely to lose potential customers. Doppio integrates payment services with Infor M3 to ensure your customers and partners can pay via credit card.

ACH implementations

Some of your partners or customers may wish to avoid card payments. Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments are direct electronic bank transfers, a popular transaction method in the United States. ACH payment processes require complex implementation, which Doppio provides for you.

Doppio dashboard

Doppio Dashboard is an interface for organizing document transfers, indexing orders, and issue resolution. You can use the application to manage EDI transactions with simple convenience. All the information you need to track business transactions sits in a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

When leveraging the services above, companies like Red Wing have enhanced their business growth and streamlined all operations connected to their boot production, such as digital sizing, leather manufacturing, or shipping. 

Wrap Up

As demand for digital access and online shopping increases, integrating your business with ERP solutions will give you a competitive advantage. 

With Infor M3 Cloudsuite™ Fashion, you can simplify your supply chain and business operations management, assuring greater productivity, faster results, and fewer errors. If modernizing into fashion-specific software presents challenges that strain your business resources, consider a technology partner for implementation. 

Get in touch with Doppio Group by filling out the contact form to learn more about future-proofing your fashion or apparel company.

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