Infor Cloudsuite Distribution Enterprise: The Key to Better Supply Chains

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Learn how a cloud solution can help you scale and discover how Doppio helps wholesalers succeed using Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise.

Is your business feeling the squeeze from product shortages? As global supply chains slowly recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, wholesale distributors face mounting pressure. 

According to Accenture, 94% of Fortune 1000 enterprises are experiencing supply chain issues this year. Now more than ever, distributors and businesses need comprehensive solutions that enhance flexibility and optimize operations. 

This post will dive into global business transformation in the cloud era, and we’ll show you how Infor Cloudsuite Distribution Enterprise offers a tailormade solution to serve your customers and scale your enterprise.

How is Cloud Adoption Transforming Business?

As of 2021, over 90% of businesses have moved at least part of their operations to the cloud. With the potential security advantages, easy-to-implement migration techniques, and bespoke integrations, cloud environments help companies and distributors modernize their business operations. 

Here are a few cloud-based trends that are transforming business operations: 


Traditional management systems store data in segregated, single-purpose islands, often referred to as silos. Extracting valuable information from these silos requires extensive effort and even some guesswork. 

In contrast, cloud-based solutions unify organizational data into a single location, which provides enterprise-wide access to data regardless of its source or type. As a result, you can extract critical insights and take action to optimize processes, enhance customer experiences, seize business opportunities, and reduce risk. 

Industry-specific software 

With the shift to the cloud, organizations can take advantage of flexible, industry-specific solutions. Cloud platforms offer a plethora of highly customizable APIs, data models, and workflows built around mission-critical requirements.  

You and your business can use these specific industry tools to respond to new challenges and enhance any core applications. In short, industry-focused solutions provided by the cloud enable you to realize more value from your distribution systems.   

Centralized management

Cloud ERP solutions—like Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution Enterprise—give you a single centralized dashboard to manage operations. All-in-one cloud programs streamline management, eliminate redundancies, and free up valuable resources to increase workforce efficiency.

Unifying operations in the cloud also facilitates seamless user experiences (UX) characterized by transparency, accessibility, and customer satisfaction. With better UX comes better performance for you and your workforce. 

Data security and user safety

As cloud adoption has increased in recent years, the technology has become more robust, effectively combating any security concerns.  Cloud-based cybersecurity offers more sophisticated protection mechanisms and integrations than traditional solutions. With the growth of Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) and DevSecOps practices, you can keep your enterprise, data, and users secure.

Subscription-based business models

With the cloud, businesses have moved to subscription-based business models. Instead of focusing on one-time sales, subscription-based operations prioritize recurring revenue.  Both the end-users and the companies only pay for the services they use. There is no need for the entire product—you can select what you need and leave the rest, helping you minimize costs to improve your bottom line. 

What is Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution Enterprise? 

Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution Enterprise is a cloud-based distribution software platform purpose-built for wholesale distributors that want to increase customer engagement and expand company growth globally. 

As an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, it enables centralized management for all your internal and external operations. Since it is based in the cloud, this software is a scalable solution that grows with the needs of your business. 

With Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution Enterprise, global distributors can implement powerful workflow management and analytics capabilities that help them achieve complete operational visibility, identify new opportunities, and remain flexible to market changes. 

Benefits of Infor Cloudsuite Distribution Enterprise

Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution Enterprise offers you an easy way to integrate cloud-based solutions into your business operations. Let’s look at some of the benefits Infor ERP solutions provide for distributors and global wholesalers:   

  • Advanced and rich functionality: Extensive warehouse and transportation management capabilities provide complete control and better visibility over your global supply chain. Take advantage of customizable value-added services, including assembly, manufacturing, private labeling, and field service. These activities help you extend your operations beyond typical wholesale distribution activities. 
  • Intuitive user interfaces: With Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution Enterprise, you can effortlessly navigate between tasks, generate reports, and collaborate on projects via any device. Moreover, you can configure user-defined homepages to address the specific needs and responsibilities of individual users. A simple interface offers clarity and ease when implementing new ERP systems into your business. 
  • Powerful integration possibilities: Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution Enterprise configures the unique distribution needs of your company without modifying the core solution. The platform has seamless integration with other Infor products (such as Demand Planner) in addition to third-party cloud and on-premise enterprise solutions. 

How Doppio Can Help You Improve Your Operations With Infor

Getting a holistic view of your business is critical today. With a modern cloud ERP solution, you can get enhanced visibility into all aspects of your business. However, choosing the right system is just the start—you need to know how to maximize its value. 

Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution Enterprise can help you manage your global supply chain with a single solution, better positioning you to meet your customer’s demands. But implementing an ERP solution is an extensive and technical task. 

At Doppio, our team of Infor experts can help you address any of the challenges you might face when getting up and running with Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution Enterprise. 

We offer a complete end-to-end implementation over a wide range of functions and processes, such as: 

  • Customer Order Management
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Supply Chain and Manufacturing
  • Procurement

Our consultants collaborate closely with your IT organization to bring your ERP vision to reality and to empower your in-house teams.  

We recently teamed up with Brownells, a global supplier of firearm parts and accessories. The Iowa-based company needed to streamline its order management processes due to the complex compliance requirements connected to safe firearm use. 

We used Infor Cloudsuite to automate Brownell’s systems. As a result, all employees received a visual overview of all sales and lead times in real-time, boosting overall supply chain efficiency.  

Wrap Up

As your enterprise grows, maintaining visibility across your organization and supply chains is a critical challenge. Industry-specific cloud-based ERP solutions present a 360-degree view of all business operations, and they come with pre-built workflows, integrations, and analytics. 

Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution Enterprise is an ideal solution for any company that wants to scale wholesale distribution, mitigate risk, achieve operational efficiency, and ultimately maximize profits.

Keen to bring Infor M3 Cloudsuite Distribution Enterprise into your business? Get our expert assistance by filling out this quick contact form.

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