What We Can Learn From the Best Infor M3 Shipping Software

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As parcel volumes increase, you'll need reliable multi-carrier shipping software for Infor M3 to scale your business.

Elevating your business to the cloud is a significant step—but it’s only the beginning. As parcel volumes increase, you’ll need reliable multi-carrier shipping software for Infor M3 to scale your business.
When you’re trying to establish a global supply chain network, access to real-time business intelligence can make all the difference, allowing you to optimize carrier service levels, and take more control over freight spend.
Read on as we explore the three most popular types of Infor M3 shipping software in the cloud era, giving you the insight you need to make the right choice for your business.

Most Popular Shipping Software for Infor M3 

At Doppio Group, we understand what Infor M3 customers need from an integrated shipping platform. Based on our vast experience across multiple industries, here are the best Infor M3 shipping software options in the market today: 


ProcessWeaver is a multi-carrier shipping platform that serves companies with both low- and high-volume shipping needs. 
You can see an example of how ProcessWeaver integrates with Infor M3 below.

Here are the key benefits of ProcessWeaver:

Infor shipping integration

As an Infor partner, ProcessWeaver is specifically designed to integrate on existing Infor platforms. It provides inbound and outbound multi-carrier shipping for Infor users. 
Businesses running Infor M3 can use ProcessWeaver to transform their logistics operations. With the Infor M3 shipping software integration, this platform reduces transportation costs and offers better data security, accessibility, and speed to market.

Multi-carrier and multi-modal shipping capabilities 

As an integrated multi-carrier and multi-modal transport management system (TMS), ProcessWeaver provides Infor M3 customers with the flexibility to choose the optimal transport method for their business, be it parcel, air, ocean, or LTL-TL. 
Also, it’s a configurable TMS platform, giving users the ability to add new carriers and deploy additional locations. This collaborative, scalable system offers organizations a competitive edge.

Strong global shipping integrations

One of the reasons that ProcessWeaver is among the best Infor M3 shipping software is its extensive integration network. Over 225 international customers have warehouses outside the U.S., with solutions currently in use in more than 90 countries.
The TMS platform is not only customer-validated but also certified with more than 10,000 carriers globally. The shipping platform integrations include the most trusted names, like FedEx Compatible Solutions & UPS Ready® Integration.

Ecommerce shipping software

There has been rapid growth in ecommerce, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Global sales volumes are projected to triple between 2017 and 2021, rising from $2.3B to $4.9B. A major aspect of tapping into this opportunity is taking an omnichannel approach to data analytics and behavior tracking.
ProcessWeaver provides a holistic overview across multiple channels and also includes shipping software for IBM WebSphere Commerce. This feature helps automate backend shipping processes and offers companies end-to-end visibility across every touchpoint from order to delivery.

Cloud-based deployment

Like all good software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings, this shipping platform is web-based. You can deploy the platform on-premise or host it in the cloud to take advantage of easy, real-time integration with Infor M3 and its vast range of carriers. 

Multi-carrier shipping API

This platform includes a collection of programming technologies that enable users to build and customize carrier manifesting solutions. The multi-carrier shipping API integrates with hundreds of global shipping carriers and organizations’ internal business systems, including Infor M3, ecommerce sites, and many other CRM and ERP platforms.


ProShip is a multi-carrier shipping platform for ecommerce companies with mid-to-high volume shipping requirements. This platform serves several industries, with its key focus on enterprise, third-party logistics, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare.

Trusted partnerships with carriers

ProShip is the only shipping software for Infor M3 that has been named FedEx Provider of the Year twice. This platform has forged successful partnerships with many carriers, including FedEx, DHL, UPS, and USPS.
Besides featuring on the UPS Ready® websites in the UK, France, Italy, and Germany, ProShip is USPS Mac Certified. It is also the first integrated shipping platform to receive certification as a DHL Global Mail International Solution provider. 

Seamless integration for high-volume shippers 

ProShip is easy to integrate with existing hosts, technologies, ERPs, and CRMs allowing companies to add it to their current stack seamlessly. As a leading Infor M3 shipping software, ProShip suits organizations with mid- to high-volume shipping needs in any industry type. 

Fast shipment processing 

ProShip develops its carrier engines, allowing it to push for some of the fastest transaction times in the shipping business. Recognizing that missed delivery promises equate to lost revenue, the platform uses high-performance technology to enable advanced rating and label printing in milliseconds.

Compatible with any ERP

Unlike other Infor M3 shipping software, ProShip’s architecture does not comprise APIs or Web Service calls. Instead, the patented ProShip® Software Development Kit (SDK) has been designed to integrate with a vast range of warehouse technology, including ERP, OMS, WMS, and Web applications. 

In-house support services 

ProShip doesn’t rely on third-party support—all development, engine creation, and integration is handled in-house. The company also offers direct support for users through live chat, phone, and email. Furthermore, customers can access technical documentation through a dedicated knowledge base called ProCyclopedia.

XPS Ship

The last Infor M3 shipping software on our round-up is XPS Ship, a web-based, multi-carrier shipping platform. This software is a good fit for smaller enterprises and ecommerce companies.

Generates savings on shipping costs

One of XPS Ship’s best benefits is that it allows you to compare prices between different shipping carriers. This choice provides access to discounted shipping rates, making this a reliable option for companies with low-volume shipping needs or limited budgets.

Free trial + quote-based pricing

Companies can take advantage of the free trial version of XPS Ship to see if it suits their business. After the trial, the pricing structure is quote-based, ensuring smaller enterprises are more likely to get a good deal in line with their budget.

Centralized shipping management

A common challenge of multi-carrier shipping is the myriad of carriers, which causes the headache of switching between platforms. 
XPS Ship makes life easy by providing a central dashboard with a single login. It doesn’t matter if you need FedEx,  UPS, USPS, or DHL, as you can access all their accounts and check all shipping labels in one place, 

Entirely cloud-based system

Like the best shipping software for Infor M3, this platform is web-based, so you don’t need to waste time with downloads or installations. All you need is a reliable internet connection, and you can log in and get started. 
This cloud accessibility makes it easy to manage shipping duties on-the-go, whether you’re at home, in the office, or visiting clients. 

Connected with leading ecommerce websites

XPS Ship is connected to the top ecommerce companies, including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, Woocommerce, and Magento. The integrated shipping platform automatically receives customer order information directly from these sites, with data transfers coming from the shopping cart instantly when customers place an order.

Wrap Up

Shipping software is an essential complement to your Infor M3 solution. With an integrated multi-carrier shipping platform, companies can streamline the transportation process across a global supply chain network.
Doppio has worked with many clients to connect their Infor M3 ERP to their preferred shipping solution.

Get in touch with Doppio Group by filling out the contact form to discuss your Infor M3 shipping software integration project, and let Doppio bring it into reality.

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