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Infor M3 StreamServe transforms Infor M3 business engine data into predefined documents or report layouts.

Streamserve can be truly mind-boggling if one fails to understand the management gateway folder structure and few important files like Dux file, platform file, start.arg file etc.

This document highlights some common errors a developer might encounter while customizing and deploying any document. This post also includes tips and tricks to avoid such mistakes.

What do these files mean?

  1. Platform File

You can find this information in the below path – E:\Infor\ManagementGateway\5.6.2\root\applications\TEST_Custom_21103\Test\exported_platforms

There are usually three files in this location.

  • The Platform.dua file contains the information about the input and output connectors.
  • The cs.xml file will have the port number of the streamserve application
  1. Dux File

Dux file is nothing but the runtime file for a particular project. All the deployed StreamServe projects have a corresponding dux file. These files are placed in the below path –


It is very important for the customized dux files to have a mention in start. Arg file. A better way to avoid this tedious approach is to include the SCANDUX statement pointing to the root path where the dux files are located in the start.arg file.

Syntax of this statement is -scandux “.,exported_configurations”

  1. Start.arg File

This is an argument file which points to various drivers of the environment, function files included in global resource set, path for platform files, path for dux files.

This is the most important file and if we are using any function file/ drivers which is not mentioned in the start.arg file then the env will fail to start and throws an error.

This file need not be manually edited. If we include the check mark while deployment to include the argument file then this document will be aptly updated with latest parameters.

The path for this file is –


Most Common Errors

Added a new function and environment doesn’t start after deployment?

This happens because when you export the project, you have not exported with the argument file check on. It is very important to make sure that the path for function files have been added in the Start.arg file.

So check the start.arg file if the new function is included in it.

Same applies to drivers too.

Are you confused about the port numbers?

It is always a good practice to name the StreamServe applications along with the port number.

When we have multiple StreamServe applications in one application domain, we might want to check which application points to which port number in M3. There are two ways to do it –

  1. Open the project and check the port number from the platform window.
  1. Shortcut is to open the cs.xml file in the exported_platforms folder in the root drive and check the port number of the desired StreamServe application.

Shortcut to check all scripts of a particular streamserve project

If you want to troubleshoot a StreamServe project and it is not developed by you, it is very tedious to go to every field to check if there exists any script on it.

Best way is to open the processes file in the root folder and open the printer file you are troubleshooting in a notepad and there you have all the scripts applied on the layout at one place !

Not getting Emails?

You must have seen an error saying ‘no runtime mail configurations’ and you fail to get an email output.

Whenever there is a new customization, it does not include runtime configurations for emails by default.

You have to set this up in the runtime file–

Right click on MAIL and go to settings.

Choose the Runtime process.

Make sure the below information is updated.

Once done, you should have the emails coming through.

Also, make sure the domain name of the SMTP server is correct.

We have to go to platform Window and view the settings for the MAIL connector.

Wondering about log properties set up?

Log properties can be set up in the below way. Attached screenshot contains the ideal set up for logs.

Right click on the white part on the platform window.

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