How to Use a Data Lake to Optimize Your Infor Analytics Integration

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Learn how Doppio can help you leverage the power of the Datalake to build a best in class Infor Analytics Integration.

Data-based insights are crucial in today’s digital-first markets. Organizations that generate value from business data and data lakes outperform their peers in organic revenue growth by 9%. Finding ways to build scalable analytic applications helps improve operational efficiency for yourself and your business.

Infor Analytics integration connects data across your enterprise to drive wise decision-making. Birst’s unique business intelligence and analytics approach helps improve profitability, reduce costs, increase revenues, transform workflows, and monetize data.

However, you might be wondering if it is possible to use your existing analytics tools with a data lake? The short answer is yes, you can—with help from integration solutions.

This article explores how optimizing your Infor Analytics Integration with a data lake drives better analytical insights and why analytics tools, on the whole, are a critical part of modern-day business success. 

What is a Data Lake?

A data lake is a repository for storing an extensive body of uncurated data in its raw form and native format. They do not profile data before accepting them.

Data lakes load all data from the source systems without turning any away, making them hold enormous volumes of unrefined data that would be of business value.

For instance, Infor Data Lake and its unified repository capture enterprise-wide data across all systems, providing organizations with a hub for their data-driven insights. 

Specifically, Infor Data Lake offers the following solutions that allow you to:

  • Store a large amount of raw data within the data lake
  • Solve enterprise and industry problems using reusable data generated by different people, systems, or technological infrastructure. 
  • Deliver a flexible data consumption framework that unlocks new experiences and maximizes data ROI. 
  • Enable Infor M3 users to leverage the entire Infor ecosystem to capture and deliver big data needed to power analytics and machine learning. 
  • Use the same data in new and innovative ways (e.g., you can answer questions on the fly while keeping the original dataset intact). 

Why ETL Is Important For Your Infor Analytics Integration Strategy

Loading data from varying source systems often affects data integrity, threatening its efficacy with issues such as siloed analytics or unmaintained audit trails. To prevent such challenges and “clean” your data, using an Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) system is invaluable.

The system extracts data from a source, transforms it, and loads the information into the new database, ensuring the migrated data remains complete and usable.

Moreover, standardizing your Infor Analytics Integration with ETL comes with additional advantages. Besides opening more significant opportunities to drive insights from big data silos, it also offers these benefits:

  • Enables you to deploy an efficient on-demand business intelligence framework that meets your data needs with minimal effort.
  • Offers you greater scalability that lets you grow with your business.
  • Accelerates business growth and delivers an unmatched competitive edge.

However, running an ETL deployment without a defined strategy can harm your business—and that is where Doppio can help.

Doppio brings the expertise that lets you deploy an ETL strategy that matches your needs. You can utilize a high-quality ETL and Infor Analytics Integration strategy solution that enables your big data journey.

Plus, Doppio lets you load your ERP data from Infor M3 Data Lake into your existing data warehouse tools using the Compass JDBC driver. You still get the most benefit from your data lakes and can stay ahead of your competition.

Doppio does all the hard work, giving your team the time and resources to focus on other business-critical operations.

How Analytics Tool Benefits Your Business

Tools like Infor Analytics Integrations are a vital component of any BI system. Here are several ways this type of integration can benefit your business. 

Making Data-Driven Decisions

In a recent study, 58% of participants said their organizations base at least half of their regular business decisions on intuition and gut feelings, not data. Respondents also cited a lack of data or quality data as the primary reason.

Analytics tools can solve these challenges by allowing organizations unfettered access to quality data, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that improve business efficiency. 

Gaining Business Insights

Advanced analytics tools consolidate data from different streams, allowing organizations to drive BI analysis and reporting, forecast revenue trajectories, and understand granular business data.

You can use data integrations to understand and forecast consumer preferences, industry trends, and the supply chain, helping reduce risks while outperforming competitors. 

Your business can leverage Infor Analytics Integration for its predictive capabilities, and with a data lake, scale projections for both structured and unstructured data. It would be impossible to scour through a vast data lake to get such valuable insights without analytics tools. 

Streamline Business Activity and Processes

BI Analytics integration helps organizations entrench operational efficiency, promote transparency and eliminate data silos by streamlining business activity and processes.

This functionality allows team members to work with the same information and facilitates greater collaboration to share data in real-time.

Integration solutions provide you with valuable data to address any problem, helping improve the overall intelligence of your business.

How Doppio Managed Services Maintains Your Data Warehouses

Data often decays with time, requiring routine data warehouse maintenance to deliver on its promises.

Doppio’s managed services can improve your organization’s data warehouse health, helping catch and remedy errors that build up over time. Doppio maintains your data in several ways: 

  1. Troubleshooting Data Lake Ingestion Problems

Data ingestion is the process of transferring data from various in-house systems to a storage medium the whole company can access, such as reporting or analytics platform. This process is the backbone of every successful analytical architecture. Unfortunately, many organizations (including data-driven businesses) treat data ingestion as an afterthought, consequently muddling the data lake with inaccurate insights.

Doppio outfits your data lake for success with a solid foundation that ingests data efficiently. Furthermore, Doppio periodically audits your data ingestion pipelines to ensure you continue getting value from your investment.

  1. Routine ETL Maintenance

ETL processes, the nature of data being handled, and data lake ingestion pipelines have evolved over the years. As a result, the right ETL strategy is more critical than ever. 

Doppio carries out routine ETL maintenance services to keep your data warehouse in top shape. You can leverage sophisticated tools to extract, transform and load your data regardless of your third-party data warehouse (i.e., Snowflake, Redshift, or others). This approach enables you to gain real insight into your business and customers with ease.

  1. Investigating Missing Data Elements

Using the correct data elements helps to query data, enabling you to drive rich analytical insights in real-time.

Besides investigating missing data elements, Doppio also ensures that all data warehouse objects such as tables, columns, views, and schemas are accurate and up to date.

In addition, we help you track new metrics, deprecate old ones, update permissions and restructure data models, aligning your data needs to your growth potential.

  1. Running Reports From Data Warehouses

Whether you’re using Tableau, PowerBI, QlikView, or any other third-party analytics tools, Doppio offers you everything you need to get your BI dashboard running in a short time.

Furthermore, we help you set up analytics reporting that drives insights and maximizes your data warehouse deployments.

You can scale your reporting requirements at regular intervals to uncover new insights, access untapped opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition.

Wrap Up

Optimizing Infor Analytics Integration with a data lake helps you do more with your entire Infor M3 ecosystem. When you have the right tools in place to power your big data journey, you can derive actionable insights that will help you improve business processes.

This integration also lets you create an efficient BI framework that adapts to your business growth, enabling you to scale effortlessly using the same data.

Still, implementing a solution could be challenging if you don’t have the people, time, or expertise in-house. Doppio partners with forward-thinking businesses to drive the best value from their analytical architecture, providing them with newer and more efficient ways to beat their competition.

Get in touch with Doppio Group by completing the contact form to see how we can help you get more value from your data lake.

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