PCI Compliant, Integrated Credit Card Payments Solutions for M3

Doppio delivers integrated payments solutions with industry-specific functionality using multiple gateways. 


> Needing to handle card present and not present transactions

> IT needed to deliver on card payments functionality promised to business users 

> Other fun stuff goes here

Building value for our customers

Headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota, MacArthur supplies a vast range of construction materials for commercial and residential building projects. MacArthur aims to be a full line supplier of roofing, insulation, waterproofing and HVAC. 

MacArthur and Doppio connected in early 2021 for a much needed upgrade to their legacy credit card solution. Similar to many M3 accounts, MacArthur was using a custom, unsupported credit card solution that was not conducive to their business processes and overall customer experience 

Aligning Finance and IT teams for project success

We help define the future state with cloud compatibility in mind, regardless of where our clients begin their ERP journey with us. While MacArthur was not running on the latest version of Infor M3 on-premises. That being said, we help define the future state of cloud first, regardless of where our clients begin their ERP journey with us. In this case, we made it our goal to deliver the credit card solution to work effectively within MacArthur’s environment without requiring application updates or the need to downgrade functionality. 

In addition to a deep understanding of source and target systems, a keen awareness of business stakeholders is critical to successfully delivering a fully integrated credit card solution. Our experience has informed the delivery approach to include IT, finance, and  operations. IT is responsible for acquiring the technology components, finance users must clearly articulate their requirements and rigorously test the solution, while operations in the warehouse determine many of the events where actions are triggered. 

  • Front end script – enhancements to the standard solution for managing multi-card logic 
  • Reauthorization Process – the ReAuth map is triggered every night, and handles incremental Auth and ReAuth for open orders
    • Ability to perform reauthorization in case of changes to the order in M3, and/or change to a new card after order is created  
  • Capture Process – Architecture changes due the APIs constraints on payment sequence number
  • Refund Processing – functionality to handle refunds for the orders returned on the same day
  • Settlement – Automate the daily process to fetch date from gateway (API) and  update M3 (ABS100) with settled transactions 

Securely accepting credit cards using a payment gateway

Using Jscript, the programming language used when scripting in the Infor Smart Office desktop client, our team created a version compatible solution in Infor Smart Office while ensuring PCI compliance – meaning that no credit card data would be stored in the M3 database or locally on a server. The solution is meant to interact with tokens provided by the CC gateway – this is one reason why the Doppio integration architecture works with multiple credit card gateways. Doppio was engaged after MacArthur had already selected a merchant acquiring gateway solution. A credit card gateway allows sellers to accept credit card payments by connecting payment processors with banks for settlement. For MacArthur, it was critical to select a gateway provider that had the required transactional capabilities to suit their business requirements – namely, credit card holds and reauthorization, for example.

Building solutions for scale

Following solution go-live, MacArthur was able to scale business processes and automate increased sales order volumes across merchant IDs (MIDs). Furthermore, the company now had a M3 integrated solution that shortened the cash conversion cycle by making it frictionless for customers to pay.

Doppio helped MacArthur maximize the use of their existing environment. Said differently, we helped deliver a challenging technical use case without requiring our client to upgrade to the latest version in order to move the business forward. Thus, MacArthur could achieve meaningful business objectives and financial results with their existing investment of Infor M3 on-premises. This particular engagement played a significant role in establishing a long term partnership and managed services agreement between our team and MacArthur’s. The building materials provider is currently evaluating its path to the cloud.

Akhil Bansa

Technical Architect

Bangalore, IN