Integrated EDI Environments Built For Scale

Doppio develops and supports integrated B2B transactions for 70+ trading partners at this well known American footwear and workwear brand


>Infor M3 version 13.4 

>Consolidating trading partner connections with SPS RSX 

> Managed services and transaction monitoring to support customer service team

Leading B2B transaction integration services provider for M3 clients

Red Wing is a premium workwear and footwear manufacturer with legendary customer loyalty and a well-developed omni-channel strategy. Based in Red Wing, Minnesota, the footwear company produces high quality work shoes and boots and has a brick and mortar presence around the world. Doppio was entrusted with this strategic project after succesfully providing user acceptance testing support and rapid code changes following on-premises upgrade cycle (to v13.3), Doppio became a trusted M3 partner to Red Wing in maximizing the investment in M3.

Requiring real-time visibility into production

Specifically, Red Wing identified a need to standardize trading partner specific logic and improve error handling by leveraging a single, integrated EDI solution.

Changing EDI providers without business interruption

Documenting specifications, developing logic, and testing standardized maps. Doppio brings nearly a decade of M3 integrated EDI experience to clients with tight timelines for trading partner enablement. 

Once the project plan was agreed upon by both parties, Doppio began by developing as per trading partner specifications from the original EDI providers. Over the course of the next twenty weeks, Doppio consultants developed logic into standardized MEC maps to pull information from GUGEX table as well as setup turnaround logic. Rigorous testing was also conducted during this timeframe to ensure a seamless integration.

  • 850 – Purchase order
  • 855 – PO Acknowledgement
  • 856 – Advance Ship Notice
  • 810 – Invoice

Agility in trading partner enablement

Fully automated PO and invoice processing thanks to effective three-way collaboration between Doppio, Red Wing, and SPS. 

The Doppio team successfully migrated Red Wing’s trade partner specifications to SPS. This enabled Red Wing to work with retailers via EDI transactions and to fully automate PO and invoice processing. This best of breed project also established tight-knit collaboration between SPS, Doppio, and Red Wing Shoes using Teamwork to manage the project deliverables.

From a business perspective, this new integration allowed Red Wing to streamline their supply chain while simultaneously accounting for revenue at a faster rate. Following this professional services project, Red Wing has looked to Doppio for ongoing production support due to their effective approach and ability to interact with SPS Commerce as well as the Red Wing business and IT teams.

Growing trading partner network

Since the successful migration, Red Wing has continued to rely on Doppio for Infor M3 expertise. In particular, our teams work together to support Red Wing’s growing network of trading partners.

We started this project with the most complex trading partners in the first wave. This served as a baseline for the other guidelines and nuances. Once we were live with this high volume trading partner, it made the others integrated testing cycles move more swiftly as we had captured most of the edge scenarios in the maps (integrated EDI transactions). 

Premkumar Shridharan

Technical Solution Architect

Vancouver, BC

Ajay Yadukrishnan

Senior Consultant

Vancouver, BC