Revolutionizing EDI Integration: The Orderful Connector for Infor M3

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Doppio is excited to join our Partner, Orderful EDI SaaS Platform, in announcing the Orderful connector for Infor M3. The Orderful connector is available via the Infor Marketplace and enabled by a certified partner, like Doppio. 

While EDI has been used for decades, a typical implementation for Infor M3 requires many customized mappings and configurations for both inbound and outbound transactions. The Orderful Connector for Infor M3 was built to accelerate time to value by providing a smooth, configurable interface between Orderful and Infor which allows integration partners like Doppio Group to focus on customizations for complex business requirements.

Introducing the Orderful Connector for Infor M3

The Orderful plugin for Infor M3 is a meaningful improvement for organizations seeking to modernize their EDI integration set up and testing. Developed and released by Infor Product Management, the connector facilitates data interchange between Infor CloudSuite and Orderful API, the fastest way to trade EDI. At its core, this connector provides a streamlined method for transforming XML data and communicating with the Infor M3 API, streamlining the exchange of EDI documents.

The key advantage of the Orderful to Infor M3 Connector is its simplicity and ease of use. Instead of relying on custom scripts or manual processes to transform and transmit EDI data, organizations can leverage the connector’s pre-built functionality to automate these tasks. This not only saves time and resources but also reduces the risk of errors associated with manual intervention.

Benefits and Functionality

The adoption of the Orderful connector for Infor M3 unlocks a plethora of benefits and enhanced functionality for businesses. These main benefits include:

  • Time to Value: The Orderful connector for Infor M3 accelerates the complex implementation tasks required of EDI projects within Infor M3. Users are able to quickly access Orderful’s robust EDI network, which hosts and maintains over 10,000 guidelines and testing scenarios. EDI integration projects can be completed in weeks, not months.
  • Cost Efficiency: By eliminating the need for on-premises EDI infrastructure and custom development work, the Orderful to Infor M3 Connector offers significant cost savings for organizations. This is because consultants are able to focus on customization work instead of the mapping setup that is time consuming and typically routine. 
  • Reduced Complexity: The Orderful Connector acts as an accelerator to getting onto the Orderful platform, which reduces the complexity of integrating EDI within M3. This in turn also helps to reduce project risk and also reduces cost given that less development hours are required for the implementation as a whole. 


There are also additional benefits associated with the Orderful Connector, including:

  • Scalability: The cloud-based nature of the Orderful platform ensures scalability and flexibility, allowing organizations to adapt to changing business requirements and increasing transaction volumes seamlessly. Whether dealing with a handful of trading partners or managing a global supply chain, the connector can scale to meet the needs of any business.
  • Real-time visibility: With real-time integration between Infor M3 and Orderful, businesses gain unprecedented visibility into their supply chain operations. They can track the status of EDI transactions, monitor inventory levels, and respond promptly to changes in demand or supply.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: The seamless integration between Infor M3 and Orderful facilitates closer collaboration with trading partners. Organizations can exchange EDI documents efficiently, communicate order updates in real-time, and streamline collaborative processes such as order fulfillment and inventory management.

Technical Integration of Solution Components

The connector and respective integration focuses on the core documents for the order-to-cash scenario including order creation and acknowledgement, shipping, and invoicing.

Business Process
EDI Message
Receiving of purchase order information
ANSI X12 850
Order Acknowledgement
ANSI X12 855
Sending of Dispatch Advive
ANSI X12 856
ANSI X12 810

Below is a visual representation of BODs and JSON files between the products mentioned above.

Wrap Up

The Orderful connector for Infor M3 revolutionizes EDI integration projects by streamlining the most common EDI transactions, allowing users to focus on the customizations required by complex business processes. This connector accelerates the speed to value by creating a smooth integration path to Orderful’s robust network of over 10,000 guides and testing scenarios. By leveraging the connector Doppio Group will be able to reduce our client’s EDI integration projects from months to weeks. 

Want to enhance the scalability, cost efficiency and create a more connected ecosystem for your business? Fill out the contact form to meet with us and discuss this opportunity further. 

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