Infor Implementation Accelerator: Essential Knowledge

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Learn how Infor Implementation Accelerator can speed up your digital transformation - and how Doppio can help you do so even faster.

A holistic view is vital in business today. However, centralizing all business operations alone is no longer enough to improve efficiency.

The global enterprise resource planning (ERP) market is forecasted to reach a value of $86 billion by 2026 as more companies rely on ERP software to remain competitive. 

While it’s clear that these platforms can help, it’s a challenge to configure and maintain ERP software correctly. Most businesses need to get up and running as fast as possible without getting caught up in the weeds.  

In this article, we’ll explore Infor Implementation Accelerators and see how they can help you get the most out of your Infor CloudSuite. 

What is an Infor Implementation Accelerator?

An Infor Implementation Accelerator is a set of preconfigured industry-specific business processes. For example, in retail or manufacturing, you might use an Implementation Accelerator to expedite processes like quote-to-cash or procure-to-pay.

While they are preset solutions, they are flexible. They include data migration tools and database elements specifically designed to help companies minimize the time, cost, and risk of implementing new software in the cloud or on-premises.

How Does An Infor Implementation Accelerator Maximize Your CloudSuite Environment?

Infor recognized that businesses need industry-specific software to improve operational efficiency and increase the value for each product. To meet that demand, Infor offers 26 accelerators designed to increase core implementation times across 16 industries. 

Each accelerator uses a repeatable, prescriptive approach called the Infor Deployment Method that builds preconfigured solutions specific to an industry. 

Here are a few benefits of using Infor CloudSuite Implementation Accelerators:

Integrate solutions faster

An Infor accelerator is a tool for the age of apps and APIs. With these solutions, you can integrate quickly, accelerating through an implementation process in months, not years.

Not only will this approach save you time and money, but it frees up your team to focus on other tasks. Ultimately, that delivers a better return on investment (ROI) than other methods. 

Leverage all that CloudSuite offers

Infor CloudSuite is a robust and comprehensive ERP solution, and an accelerator helps you generate more value from your business systems. For example, you can experiment with the preconfigured quote-to-cash, procure-to-pay, and data migration systems with Implementation Accelerators to increase efficiency in your business operations.

Reduce hassle

Accelerators help reduce potential implementation challenges when integrating with Infor CloudSuite Solutions. In particular, you can avoid crucial errors with cloud-based or on-premises implementations, allowing for faster integrations with less risk. 

Infor Implementation Accelerator For Equipment

Infor offers industry-specific process models for equipment suppliers within the transportation, agriculture, and mining sectors. When combined with Infor CloudSuite, the tools provide you with several additional benefits. 

Better support of day-to-day operations 

  • Faster implementation: The speed at which your company can implement CloudSuite determines when you can operate solutions that allow you to remain agile to customer and equipment supplier demands.
  • Improve daily operations: CloudSuite provides companies with a holistic view of their supply chain. Granular data provides insight into how daily operational improvements can benefit your company’s overarching mission.    
  • Maximize fleet performance: Real-time data and tailored solutions allow you to manage and schedule your fleet for the most efficient results.
  • Optimize workforce contributions: With preconfigured solutions and step-by-step processes designed for equipment suppliers, you can conserve resources as your support team won’t need to focus as much on development and implementation. 
  • Streamline operations: CloudSuite helps you organize supplier-specific processes such as procurement, manufacturing, and inventory management. In doing so, you can look forward to faster results and better bottom-line revenues.

Create industry best practices

An Infor Implementation Accelerator empowers equipment manufacturers to integrate systems based on Infor’s knowledge from thousands of supplier-specific deployments.  Access to such data enables your company to build a solid foundation to scale. 

An accelerator functions like a cheat sheet in many ways, giving you access to new methods that lead to better business efficiency. Adapt each solution to your unique work environments to create new industry practices. 

Infor Implementation Accelerator For Fashion

Fashion suppliers face challenges such as higher-order volumes and product line variety that need customized system functions. Rapid deployments of fashion-specific ERP systems offer several benefits.  

Increase speed of fashion-specific processes 

  • Accelerate design, sourcing, and distribution: You can consolidate different sources of information into a unified location to ensure your supply chain continues uninterrupted—at scale and with rapid times to market.
  • Meet consumer demand while maintaining profitability: Understand how consumer activity and customer preferences affect your bottom line, and rapidly adjust your solutions with fewer delays and less help from labor teams. 
  • Laser-focused, preconfigured content: Create business solutions based on the insights developed by hundreds of fashion-specific Infor projects collected for the implementation accelerator.  
  • Training monitors and operational dashboards: Gain a high-level view of your production across several outputs to achieve a better sense of your business operations. 

Improve business flexibility towards ever-changing trends

Fashion trends shift and change rapidly to the needs of consumer markets. With a fashion-specific Infor CloudSuite Implementation accelerator, your business can better prepare for the seasonal adjustments, enter new markets, and scale according to the scope of your apparel product lines. 

Plus, you can create system adjustments that deploy CloudSuite faster based on actionable data gleaned from extensive industry expertise. All system menus, templates, and core functions are designed to keep you agile and ready to adapt to the rapid changes in the fashion industry. 

How Doppio Can Accelerate Your CloudSuite Implementation

If you’re struggling with getting the most value out of Infor CloudSuite or are curious about how Infor Implementation Accelerators could help your business, you should contact us. The Infor experts at Doppio can review your current environment and recommend the essential changes you need to save time, resources, and money. 

As a global consultancy focussed on Infor technologies, we can implement Infor solutions so that your business operations achieve greater visibility, as we did with Hilco Vision

The company’s time to ship was lagging and hurting business relationships. Thanks to the team at Doppio Group, Hilco now has visibility of real-time order sales and supply chain lead times—making significant improvements to shipping times and partner relations.  

Wrap Up

ERP solutions are necessary for enterprises that want to remain agile to respond to market demands and business competition. 

However, dealing with Infor Implementation Accelerators and optimizing your systems in-house can leave your internal teams frustrated and exhausted and divert IT resources away from business-critical operations. 

We can free your team to focus on what they do best by taking the reins on setting up your Infor Implementation Accelerators and helping you maximize the value from Infor CloudSuite.   

Want more information? You can get in touch with Doppio Group by filling out the contact form to learn more today.

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