Partnering for the Long Term: Mohawk Fine Papers Transforms with Doppio Support

From streamlining operations to navigating an urgent acquisition, take a look at how Doppio supports Fedrigoni Special Papers North America (f/k/a Mohawk Fine Papers)

> North America’s best-known fine papers for designers and brands for over 90 years

> State-of-the-art manufacturer of premium card stock, paper, and envelopes

Partnering through the cycle

In August 2021, Mohawk Paper went live with its implementation of Infor M3 (v13.4), which was a crucial step towards streamlining operations and adapting to industry trends at the time. This go-live event extended the M3 footprint which was already running in a smaller division, Crane, following Mohawk’s acquisition of Crane Stationery Corporation in 2018. As go-live approached, however, it became evident that key elements Mohawk needed to be successful were not in place. Specifically, the need for system administration and integration expertise to achieve stabilization post go-live. Mohawk relied on the Doppio team to step up and support, building upon success in previous engagements and an existing support structure.

“A few weeks after our go-live with M3, we were really struggling to stabilize a number of things and our users and project teams were really starting to suffer as a result. Fortunately, we had a prior relationship with Doppio Group and they were able to jump in quickly. They were instrumental in helping us get control of system performance, critical integrations, and key business processes to settle everything down. Their help was crucial in turning the tide on what we now consider a successful project.”

– Ben Whitaker, VP, Business Process Management & IT at Mohawk Papers

A Question of Quality

Mohawk Fine Paper prides itself in the quality and fine craftsmanship of their products. As such, their quality control team needs to be well organized and highly responsive to any complaints received from customers. To manage these complaints, Mohawk had originally built an application that allowed the quality department to capture key details about the nature of the complaint, research the product in question, capture the disposition post review of the product, and manage the financial impact on justified complaints. This legacy application had been built using an iSeries RPG program, so naturally challenges arose when Mohawk needed to migrate the application to one built over a Microsoft SQL Server database. The solution requirement was to build a modern user experience that leveraged low code Infor tools.

In order to overcome this challenge, Mohawk entrusted Doppio to design and build the new application for quality complaints tracking. Immediately after the SOW was signed, our team reviewed the provided specifications and conducted a walk through of the current RPG screens. The decision was collaboratively made to build the application using Infor Mongoose in order to meet business needs and desired UX/UI requirements. From initial development to user testing and go-live, the new application was built, tested and delivered in just three months.

“We were the forgotten process during the implementation of M3, and Doppio was able to develop a system using Mongoose that worked in three months. Their team did a great job.”

– Guy Cappuccio, Customer Services Manager at Mohawk Papers

Navigating an Acquisition with Ease

The Fedrigoni Group acquired some assets from Mohawk in early 2024. The nature of the deal required significant changes to the current system of record in a short period of time, challenging business teams across the entire organization.

Nonetheless, we ensured our unwavering support throughout this adaptation period. We helped both Mohawk and Crane – which was not part of the acquisition – to navigate post M&A complexities, including data refreshes and production maintenance tasks on the environment as a whole. Despite the twists, turns, and moving timeline targets, Doppio remained committed to ensuring Mohawk’s business operations continued with no interruption.

“The transition to operations under the Fedrigoni Group needed to happen rapidly and with moving timelines. Throughout the whole adventure, the Doppio team remained committed to ensuring our systems operated as seamlessly as possible. Doppio’s leadership, competence, and clear communication were pivotal in overcoming obstacles and delivering results beyond our expectations. I’m grateful to every team member and for our continued partnership with Doppio over the years.”

– Ben Whitaker, VP, Business Process Management & IT at Mohawk Papers

Looking Ahead

Our team looks forward to supporting the business, now called Fedrigoni Special Papers North America, with IT endeavors on the horizon. In the meantime, the company continues to rely on managed support the way it has throughout the partnership with Doppio. Below are some key instances of where our managed services team supported Mohawk (Fedrigoni).

Mohawk was unable to access Infor Enterprise Search (IES) in all the M3 environments. IES was not operational for a significant period of time. 

The Doppio team first analyzed the issues in the TST environment. Our team then fixed the related configurations and issues in the M3 ION grid related to IES, as well as set up a few standard crawls to test the search functionality.

After successfully testing the new development in Mohawk’s TST environment, our team replicated the same configurations in the PRD environment, fixing the IES search issues once and for all.


The Mohawk team was experiencing an abnormal number of user sessions in the ION grid which impacted the PRD environment performance almost every week.

Our team worked through this issue along with Infor to find the root of the problem: the grid router configuration was not according to standard. Both teams collaborated to fix the configuration.

By implementing the ephemeral router configuration successfully, the user sessions reduced from 25,000 to 50. This outcome significantly improved the Mohawk’s system performance.

Mohawk’s standard certificates were expiring after 10 years and needed an update on expiration.

We collaborated with Mohawk’s team to install and configure the new SSL certificates before the expiration date of existing SSL Certificates.

By collaborating proactively, the downtime of M3 environments was reduced by more than half.

Doppio’s team continues to support Mohawk as they finalize the transition following the acquisition. Some examples of post go-live support services detailed below:

Mohawk was operating on an older version of M3BE Fixes/MCP levels and was unable to see new functionalities and features being introduced.

Our technical team analyzed the current Fixes/Patches/MCP levels and successfully executed the upgrade of M3 BE Foundation.

The current M3 application’s functionalities were not impacted and Mohawk was now able to use new functionalities and features that were previously not available.

Mohawk was running through multiple data transitions to fulfill data demands in multiple environments.

The Doppio team first analyzed the M3 environment and database requirements, then executed the data copying tasks across multiple environments.

Mohawk was able to get the required data from their various demands within the set timelines.

Ashish Raval

Principal Consultant

Bangalore, IN

Matthew Smith

Director of Managed Services

Toronto, ON

Umesh Patil

Principal Consultant

Bangalore, IN