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EDI Support Services.

You probably know EDI is a crucial aspect of modern business. But like many companies nowadays, you face the uphill battle of connecting multiple supply chains and systems.

At Doppio, we make sure your EDI journey doesn’t fall at the first hurdle. Through in-depth integration testing and pre-built connectors, we streamline New Trading Partner Enablement, and provide a holistic overview for mapping changes and managing your EDI connections.




Infor M3 Technical Support.

Collaboration and integration are vital tenets of a successful Infor M3 system. You can use MEC and MAK to tap into the power of your Infor data—if you have the time, resources, or know-how. Unfortunately, many companies don’t.

By acting as an extension of your IT team, our range of services includes helping to optimize your MEC environment, troubleshooting failures, and supporting MAK modifications. Furthermore, our experts can provide bespoke training services to strengthen your in-house capabilities.

We also provide support for H5 Scripting, Smart Office and StreamServe integrations, so you can connect existing supply chain systems and applications. Ultimately, these advanced services will improve internal document management and overall business efficiency.

Infor OS Support.

As your business scales, it gets harder to manage company data and essential business tasks. At best, you’ll struggle for time. At worst, company performance will suffer.

Our support helps you tap into the power of Infor Document Management (IDM), to categorize and connect critical information, automate workflows, and simplify key tasks, including invoicing, vendor management, and internal audits. We’ll also guide you on how best to use the alerts and workflows of Infor ION.

With this centralized system for document management and enhanced connectivity, you’ll save time and money, and can free more resources to focus on improving company-wide performance and productivity.

3rd Party Integration Support.

In the age of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and cloud computing, integrations are everything. Your customers expect a smooth user experience, especially when it comes to making purchases online.

Our unrivaled expertise in Infor M3 integrations covers multiple carrier shipping software, including  ProcessWeaver and ProShip, and an extensive range of common payment gateways, including CardConnect.

Whether it’s a new Shopify store or an already thriving e-commerce enterprise, we can configure third-party integrations and develop custom solutions for full-scale M3 implementations.

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