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As your company grows, you may need to implement a wide range of applications to meet your needs: on-premise, legacy, homegrown, third-party, and Infor. You may also use different deployment models, especially with the new options the cloud brings. Ideally, you’ll be able to give your decision-makers a single source of truth–and maintain all of these systems without causing a drag on your bottom line.

Partner with Doppio. We have deep experience with the ION and Infor OS toolset—meaning we can build the integrations and extended solutions that help you get the most out of your existing ERP investment. As a certified Infor Alliance and Preferred Delivery Partner, we work closely with Infor development to stay up-to-date on Infor technology.

If connected manufacturing is your goal, integration is your top technical priority. To connect your physical and digital worlds and get the most out of innovations such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, you need to deploy APIs and modern web technology.

Power your hybrid integration with Infor OS iPaaS. With Infor, you can build workflow approvals for your business processes—and approve these workflows on the go via email or a mobile app. Sending information between your ERP and your edge applications becomes easy. And Infor OS provides an API gateway for securing your API endpoints.

Doppio can help you build new APIs or register your third-party apps in the Infor API gateway. Talk to us about how to get started.

When you tap into the Internet of Things (IoT), your company can gain access to a wealth of machine-generated data that can guide virtually all of your business decisions. The challenge is to present these vast amounts of data to your decision-makers in ways that help rather than overwhelm.

With Infor OS, you can create user-friendly home pages filled with your IoT data. This enables decision-makers to see what’s really important from the moment they log on. With Infor’s Data Lake tools, you can combine transactional data with your IoT data for a better perspective on your leading business challenges. You can stay on top of emerging problems by getting alerts whenever something unexpected happens with one of your assets. You can get a glimpse of the future by building AI models that provide asset prediction capabilities. With data like this at your fingertips, you can even deploy a successful assets-as-a-service business model.

Doppio has the hands-on technical expertise to support your IoT initiative on Infor OS. Let’s figure it out together.

A data as a service (DaaS) strategy enables your organization and third parties to store enterprise content centrally and make it available to users quickly and easily. Infor’s Data Lake tools deliver a framework that lets you stream data from across your operations and consume it quickly in support of key decisions. These capabilities can support your analytics initiatives and machine learning strategies.

With a secure API gateway, Infor OS enables you to extract enterprise data quickly. From there, you can build relationships around your data objects using the metagraph. Implementing retention policies enables you to get the most out of your data and meet regulatory requirements without burdening your data storage infrastructure.

Doppio can help you plan and implement a DaaS program in your organization. Let’s talk about how to get started.

One of the best ways to increase employee engagement and workforce productivity is to provide new, modern, personalized user experiences. Infor OS provides the tools to make it easy.

Infor Homepages empowers your end users to set up personal landing pages with pre-populated suite content. Infor Document Management lets all your users keep documents moving forward and display them in-context. With these powerful tools, you can start giving your staff the personalized experience that increases retention.

We’ll help you get there. Doppio can set up document types or optical character recognition, integrate your mobile device management software to Infor mobile apps and provide training for building content for home pages. Just ask us how.

What if you had a digital assistant that could automate many of your routine tasks, freeing up your employees to focus on more value-added areas of your business? That’s exactly what Infor Coleman, an artificial intelligence (AI) robot, provides your business users within Infor OS.

Infor Coleman includes a digital assistant, image recognition capabilities, and a machine learning model builder. The digital assistant can automatically perform common tasks, such as checking inventory levels, recommending sales offers, predicting maintenance issues, and adjusting production schedules. You can also execute robotic process automation by using Infor Coleman with Infor ION.

Infor Coleman comes with a wide range of questions and answers built in—but your unique business may require more. Doppio can help you build the specific AI skills and machine learning models that will help you thrive.

If your business is going to achieve its full potential, your ERP system must be up to date. Unfortunately, most companies heavily modify their source code to adapt their system to the way they do business. This approach makes it hard to upgrade—and drastically reduces the useful life of an ERP system. In addition, it’s getting harder to find software engineers who can support a legacy code base while also using modern programming languages.

Avoid costly customizations with Infor Mongoose, a part of Infor OS. With this low-code solution, business analysts can quickly build and deploy apps or screens for specific business processes–without calling IT for help. Since security is powered by Infor Federation Services (IFS), your API endpoints will have specific authentication and authorization. Want to modernize your older applications? ION API lets you transform your SOAP endpoints to REST.

Doppio has helped many clients get more out of Infor OS. We want you to be next.

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