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Seamless EDI integrations for B2B Order Fulfillment.

If you’re not automating EDI data, you’re leaving money on the table.
In an omnichannel world, B2B order fulfillment is chaotic, especially if you rely on a disjointed, manual approach using on-premises technologies. As you battle through the backlog of trading partner enablement, your IT team gets swamped by massive time constraints, data transformation errors, and expensive VAN fees.
We can help. As the market leader for Infor M3 EDI transactions, our proven integration architecture, and expert consultants take the complexity out of meeting trading partner requirements. We provide the EDI solutions and seamless integration development and testing you need to speed up timelines, unshackle your team, and scale your company’s sales.

Connecting Supply Chains to Get You Paid Faster.

EDI is a critical component of B2B integration and order fulfillment. Unfortunately, many companies are held back by legacy systems or value-added networks (VAN), like Gentran or Liaison, because their team must use separate tools for mapping, transfer, and integration tasks.
If you’re looking to replace your existing EDI infrastructure with a complete cloud EDI platform, our partner, Orderful, does exactly that for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and logistics companies. Another key strategic partner, SPS Commerce, gives you instant access to a network of mapped, EDI connections that comprise over 90,000 players in the retail space. Tap into our network of predefined guidelines and connections that eliminate the need to write custom integrations between disparate systems.
We understand the structure and standard language in complex EDI processes, so we can build and support seamless ERP integrated transaction sets that maximize accuracy and minimize friction. By leveraging automated data and providing greater visibility across your supply chain, we accelerate the order-to-cash process, so you don’t just sell more—you get paid faster.

Unparalleled Expertise in EDI Integrations.

We’ve successfully navigated hundreds of enterprise-level EDI projects across many industries including food & beverage, apparel, and fashion. By integrating EDI systems and automating business processes, we’ve helped some of the biggest companies minimize costs, and accelerate data interchange between trading partners.
Jelly Belly Candy Company had thousands of SKUs across three manufacturing sites. We helped them reduce retailer chargebacks by 25% through a standardized integration approach, and close coordination with customer services, logistics, and accounts receivable departments.
Our team has unparalleled knowledge in EDI integrations and MEC, and vast experience working with all leading EDI solution providers, as well as systems like Liaison and Gentran.
We consolidate cloud-based, ERP-integrated technologies, so you no longer need custom code or point-to-point integrations. Once you connect your Infor M3 ERP to integrate with our platform, you can use our reliable, pre-built connectors for any EDI transaction, any time.

Managing EDI complexities to create new sales channels and growth opportunities.

When you choose Doppio to build and manage an integrated EDI environment, you’re choosing budget predictability and easier day-to-day management. We offer this complete service to Infor M3 customers through flexible engagements.
We’ve been doing this better than anyone, and use proven project methodologies that take the hassle out of EDI integrations. You can relax as we manage the costs and complexities, ensuring you get a predictable price and timeline for future trading partner enablement efforts.
With Doppio in your corner, you’re never left alone in the deep end. When projects conclude, our managed services remain available on a longer-term basis. You can access this professional support 24/5 to get greater data visibility to resolve data transformation errors and an EDI Dashboard that streamlines your day-to-day duties in customer service.
Through real-time production support and EDI coordination services from our expert M3 consultants, we deliver simplicity and scalability in your supply chain transactions.

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