Infor Business Solutions

Power business growth with Infor technology

There’s more to achieving business process excellence than simply choosing Infor technology

Make the customer experience your differentiator.

You need to deploy your platform so that it helps you connect with customers in new ways.

Many companies struggle to implement the “last-mile” industry-specific functionality that will enable them to follow best practices. They fail to devote sufficient resources to change management. They cling to inefficient manual processes running outside their new ERP system, causing frustrating delays for their customers. And they hesitate to move all of their business processes to the cloud, citing security concerns.

Avoid these common problems–and start connecting with your customers in new ways–with Infor Business Solutions. Engage Doppio for your implementation.

Expedite your Infor Business Solutions project.

Doppio isn’t just a consulting firm—we’re a solution provider. This means that as we implement your Infor system, we will quickly apply configurations and redeploy solutions that have been proven to work well for other clients in your industry. By redeploying rather than developing from scratch, we can give you faster time to value—and lower risk of technical issues after you go live.

Throughout your Infor implementation, our focus is to build a bridge between what your business needs and what Infor technology can deliver. You also want your partner to be cost-conscious. To that end, we offer our customers a hybrid of North American and offshore resources to efficiently support projects of any size or travel requirement.

We can show you how to bring Infor Business Solutions online quickly and cost-effectively.

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