Transform your enterprise with Infor technology.

New revenue opportunities and business practices are emerging. Are you ready?

You want to grow your enterprise as efficiently and profitably as possible. Choose Infor technology–and partner with a team that has spent years developing best practices for maximizing automation while minimizing costly modifications to the Infor platform. That partner is Doppio.

For every business problem, there’s a technology solution. But developing solutions from scratch requires a significant investment of time and money—and the application that results may only meet your immediate business needs while leaving you unprepared to meet new challenges in the future.

Doppio doesn’t just implement Infor technology—we provide solutions that solve specific business problems. By applying the industry knowledge we’ve gained from other clients, we enable faster time to value and deliver more lasting solutions for companies like yours.

We can:

  • Use cloud EDI technology to help you meet trading partner requirements and avoid costly chargebacks.
  • Implement intelligent workflows that let you spend less time on data entry and more time on data analysis.
  • Implement an integrated warehouse model that helps you lower your overall product costs and simplify logistics.
  • Enable you to accept credit card payments securely at every service counter as well as your web store.
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Want to digitally transform your organization? Don’t get slowed down by issues with API integration, data management, and user experience. You need a technology solution that keeps all your business processes running seamlessly across applications while your organization transforms into a connected manufacturer.

Infor OS is a cloud operating platform that’s designed to serve as the technology backbone of your enterprise. As the latest Infor technology available, standardized across CloudSuites, Infor OS enables you to interface your Infor, third-party, and legacy applications for greater productivity and more reliable business information. For example, Infor OS can serve as the fabric behind a connected manufacturing operation—or in any other business environment that has intense integration and extensibility challenges.

Doppio knows how to deploy Infor OS in support of a hybrid cloud model. We’re eager to deliver a solution that delivers not only seamless workflows, but also artificial intelligence tools, Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities, and rich analytics.

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Successful businesses don’t simply collect and report on their data—they’re using networked analytics to dig into the semantic layer of their enterprise information and make sense of all the nuances they would otherwise have missed.

If you want to get the most out of your Infor CloudSuite data, you need a partner that understands Birst® analytics and business intelligence. Birst is a data visualization tool that can deliver stunning visualizations while integrating seamlessly with Infor M3. As a Birst-certified partner, Doppio can build a data model that meets your specific IT and business objectives. From there, you can empower your end users to produce self-serviced analytics.

Need to generate more timely and relevant operational and financial reports? Birst provides robust ETL tooling to connect disparate data sources with ease to Infor Data Lake. You can then use this data to build dashboards or bring the KPI information into Infor Homepages. Put these capabilities at your users’ fingertips with a powerful mobile app.

Doppio knows how to extract information from Data Lake to build beautiful visualizations of your business. Ask us how.

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As you seek to get the most out of your M3 investment, out-of-the-box tools make extensions easily possible. But because many employees are used to doing business through point solutions and on paper, they may never quite embrace Infor technology. Instead, they rely on outdated information, side processes, and conversations outside the system.

Doppio helps prevent missed opportunities with Infor M3. Our consultants know M3 technology inside and out—and more importantly, we know how to make it yours. We’ll help you configure M3 to look and act in ways that will boost productivity across your workforce.

Ask us about:

  • Personalizing look and feel through the HTML5 H5 client.
  • Generating and distributing documents through StreamServe.
  • Using the M3 APIs with App Builder, Mongoose, and Coleman.
  • Viewing in-context documents next to critical Infor M3 screens with Infor Document Management.
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