Infor M3 Professional Services

An Infor M3 partner that brings technology to life

Our Process

Phase 0 -
Requirement Discovery
Visits & Product
Phase 1 -
Solution Design
System Architecture
Change Management
Phase 2 -
Accelerator Program
Deploy Digital Platform
User Validation
Phase 3 -
Development Sprints
Phase 4 -
Go-Live Releases (Branches)
Phase 5 -
Growth + Ongoing Innovation

Trust the team with lived M3 experience – CIOs and career consultants

Choosing a partner to help you implement your M3 ERP system shouldn’t be a stressful decision. Unfortunately, there’s a shortage of certified Infor partners with M3 and Infor OS expertise. Most are independent consultants with limited bandwidth–and there is very little young talent being trained to help them.

Among those partners you may manage to find, some will be stretched too thin to take on your project. Others will be too far away from your offices. Still others will lack the expertise and deep knowledge of your business processes because they haven’t worked in process manufacturing.

Don’t keep searching for help. Look to Doppio.

An Infor partner that walks its talk

With Doppio, what you see is what you get. Rather than performing a demo with our top solution experts and then assigning your project to a group of junior consultants, we’ll connect you with an experienced, skilled team from the outset. You can have total confidence that the team you evaluate is the team you’ll engage.

Throughout your implementation project, count on proactive communication. We’ll keep you updated with weekly status reports so that there are no unpleasant surprises. With total confidence in Doppio delivering as promised, you can focus on strategy and running your business–not IT issues.

The project might be over but the relationship goes on

Just because your project ends doesn’t mean your relationship with Doppio will. Once you go live, we’ll provide the seamless managed service that supports your Infor platform. And as your business grows, your team at Doppio will grow, too, scaling up to meet your needs. We are continually training and developing our delivery team to ensure the freshest approach to projects and problem solving to address your biggest business challenges.

Let’s talk about what we can offer as your new Infor partner.

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