Revolutionizing EDI by Integrating with SPS Retail Network

Doppio Group, the global leader for providing Infor M3 integrations, has revolutionized EDI for companies running Infor M3 through a new integrated solution to the SPS Retail Network. The solution improves the way suppliers and retailers are using the Infor M3 software to operate.
This partnership is so critical that Doppio Group CEO, Erik Kiser, states, “Without our integrated solution to SPS Commerce, there is no solution to meet the omnichannel needs of our customers.”

Doppio Group has packaged solutions to integrate both EDI Order Fulfillment and 3PL solutions to the retail network. Doppio Group has proven the value of the integration over the last two years with ten different suppliers. Through its proven project methodology, Doppio Group enables new trading partners in one week’s time, allowing customers to quickly scale their retailer networks. Doppio Group’s integration with SPS Commerce solves major problems that all of its customers have faced, including:

  • Limited visibility into automated data
  • Slow trading partner enablement
  • Out-dated software stack
  • Monthly chargebacks from retailers

From a financial perspective, Doppio Group and its integrated solution to the SPS Retail Network transition the EDI environment from being a cost center to a source of increased income for their customers. Eliminating chargebacks provides an immediate benefit through reducing the cost of transacting with retailers. Additionally, by reducing the amount of time for retailer enablement, customers are able to process more transactions with their retailers.
In addition to an immediate business benefit, the long-term result of the integrated solution is to provide a managed EDI environment enabling Infor M3 companies to scale.
Erik Kiser, Doppio Group CEO, elaborates on the solution’s benefit, “Our partnership with SPS Commerce has led to major improvement to the Infor M3 community. Together we are lowering operating cost, enabling new relationships between supplier and retailers, and allowing our customers to focus on solving high-level business initiatives.”

To learn more, view the full press release here.

About Doppio Group
Doppio Group is the leading Infor M3 integration provider for manufacturing, distribution and retail organizations around the world.  Whether it’s identifying small integration opportunities to long-term engagements, Doppio Group serves as an extension of your IT practice, enabling you to scale. For more information, please visit https://www.doppiogroup.com.
William Kragie

William Kragie