Infor M3 Multi-Tenant: Introducing Infor XtendM3

As a M3 developer, you know cloud modifications are painful. You’ve had questions on how your existing Business Engine modifications on-premises (also called as M3 Adaptation Kit (MAK)) could be migrated to the multi-tenant version. Now specifically in multi-tenant you can use a new feature called Infor XtendM3 to build modifications. Read below to learn more. 

XtendM3 provides the same functionality as M3 Adaptation Kit where the standard M3 Business Engine can be extended to suit your needs. This has been designed for Infor multi-tenant M3 where there is no M3 Adaptation Kit, Lifecycle Manager, or Grid. This has been introduced as a on-demand service only, and can be performed by the Infor team, but is expected to be opened up to Infor Partners and customers very soon. Once this product is available to all partners, any custom extensions developed by non-Infor parties will need to be signed off and approved by Infor before deploying to the cloud.  This process is in place to ensure that no extensions sacrifice performance and meets Infor’s security standards. XtendM3 modifications will be portable between tenants and environments.

XtendM3 Screenshot



1) Custom Logic:

XtendM3 enables Infor M3 customers to write custom logic on M3 programs.

2) M3/ION API calls:

Calls can be made to M3 API’s directly from the extensions. External web service or other Infor published API’s can be called via ION API from the extension itself.

3) Database:

Database can be directly accessed to perform read/write/update and delete operations. Additionally, customer specific database tables can also be created. 

4.) Machine Interface (MI) Extensions:

 This enables us to build our own Infor M3 custom API using the extensions. 

5.) Session Persistence:

Information can be stored in-session to share between multiple extensions.

6) Utility:   

All utility functions can be created and can be called by multiple extensions. XtendM3 also has the utility with Infor M3 date and numeric functions.


A framework called Groovy is used in XtendM3. It uses Java and compiles code to a Java Virtual Machine. It is a proven open source development tool, and is very easy for Infor M3 developers to understand. 

Development Tools:

Infor XtendM3 can be accessed by two different ways:

1.) Within Infor M3’s H5 Client as seen below:

2.) Within a local development environment using Eclipse or any other integrated development environment (IDE). Eclipse view is shown below:


The extensions can be opened/exported/disabled/deleted all from one landing page. XtendM3’s Management Tab, can be used to see all extensions and their corresponding details.

In summary, XtendM3 provides you as a customer on-premises like flexibility without the headache of managing infrastructure. Your IT team will now have the ability to focus on supporting critical business processes vs spending time worrying about how modifications will get upgraded. The versatility of XtendM3 will now allow you to migrate extensions to multi-tenant M3 seamlessly. Having experience with the tool already, Doppio  is very excited about partnering with you to enhance your unique business processes. 

If you would like to learn more, please contact Maxwell Gaetz at 

Suriya Narayanan

Suriya Narayanan