Hilco’s Infor Cloudsuite rollout enables supply chain visbility

Standardizing on Infor Cloudsuite, Hilco is able to see real time order sales and supply chain lead times. 


Hilco leverages multi-carrier software and EDI software with Infor Cloudsuite

Doppio enabled 29 trading partners for go-live

Hilco leverages output management for customer facing documents

Doppio worked Hilco’s banking partner for ACH and positive pay

Industry Distribution 

Solution Cloudsuite Implementation

Location Plainville, MA

Our time to ship was lagging behind our partners expectations, which was negatively impacting our business relationships. Doppio Group was able to pin point our supply chain’s weak points and create a system that is allowing us to scale.

– Michael Michaels, IT Manager – Red Wing


Global operations, with different ERPs

Preforming acquisitions to compliment existing product lines, IT fragmentation across the business prevailed. Hilco chose Infor Cloudsuite, and a best of bread systems integrator approach. Doppio plugged into the existing project team, to help streamline multiple integrations.


Change Management

Hilco elected a team of “SMEs”, Subject Matter Experts to work the consultants on functionality and business processes per area of the business. The Doppio team work SMEs to rollout out new many new features, such as Homepages where all Hilco users start their day.


Infor OS, the data fabric

Doppio leverage it’s deep technical and industry expertise, leading the Infor OS configuration including Homepages, IDM, User Management, ION API, and in-context information.


Data Visibility 

After going live in multiple divisions, Hilco can use tools such as homepages, ad-hoc reporting, and Birst to get insight to critical business metrics. Before the introduction of Cloudsuite this would a manual effort. 

What did we learn?

The things we build are complicated, and we are the first to admit we’re not perfect. We believe that projects should not be defined by their challenges but by how we collectively problem-solve to overcome them.

Premkumar Sridharan

Sr. Technical Consultant

Working Smarter, Not Harder

With an actively growing client and an equally engaged Doppio Group team, the Hilco team was able to see success from our collaboration. By getting into the details early we were able to work efficiently with each other. It has been a lot of fun to see the concepts become reality, and that reality become so influential for an organization.