Doppio and Syniti: A New Partnership to Power Data Transformation for Infor M3 Customers

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Data transformation is a crucial process for any Infor M3 ERP customer that wants to maximize the potential of its data.

Data transformation is a crucial process for any enterprise that wants to maximize the potential of its data. Despite the diverse suite of data-driven enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions currently on offer, many companies struggle with data migration issues.

Now, Syniti and Doppio are making it easier for your enterprise, teaming up on our data and M3 ERP expertise. Read on to discover the benefits of this new partnership for enterprises, as we herald an exciting new age of data transformation for Infor M3 ERP customers.

Meet Our New Partner: Syniti

Syniti is a software platform that solves complex data transformation challenges through intelligent applications, bespoke solutions, and data expertise. Syniti specializes in several key areas, including data migration, data quality, master data management, and metadata management.

Founded in Boston in 1996, and formerly known as BackOffice Associates, Syniti has forged a reputation as a global leader in enterprise data management. Gartner labeled the company as a “visionary” in the 2019 Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management Solutions.

The innovative platform uses advanced automation to tap into the raw potential of data to provide clients with valuable, actionable business insights that enable them to enhance company-wide performance and identify opportunities for sustainable growth.

How Syniti Enhances Infor Cloudsuite

When it comes to Infor M3 software, there is no one-size-fits-all product. For that reason, Infor established the Infor CloudSuite software, which encompasses a range of industry-specific ERP services. Doppio currently provides professional services and managed services for several of those solutions, namely:

  • Infor Cloudsuite Food and Beverage

  • Infor Cloudsuite Chemicals

  • Infor Cloudsuite Distribution Enterprise

  • Cloudsuite Equipment

Until now, data migration to the Infor CloudSuite has been a pain point for many enterprises. The data transformation journey comprises several complex steps, like extracting data from viable sources, cleaning it before it enters the data lake, loading data into production systems, or integrating it between applications like artificial intelligence (AI) or the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Syniti partnership presents Infor M3 customers with a pragmatic way of moving data to the cloud quickly and efficiently. Infor CloudSuite users can now get a holistic view of their enterprise data to orchestrate the entire data transformation lifecycle.

Data Transformation Problems Doppio and Syniti Will Solve Together

Doppio and Syniti can service your entire data suite, providing solutions for a range of common data management use cases. Let’s take a closer look at how we’ll conquer some common challenges in the data transformation journey.

Use case #1: Data Migration

Imagine you use a third-party data solution provider like SAP or Oracle, and you want to move to Infor M3. Typically, this means you will undertake a painstaking data migration through the means of a manually-created spreadsheets.

Now, you can move your data from third-party data to Infor M3 with a quick and easy process, facilitated by Doppio and Syniti.

Similarly, moving data from Infor on-premises to Infor Cloudsuite has posed problems for companies, as there is no way to transfer data between the two deployments. Thankfully, our new partnership means this problem is a thing of the past.

Use case #2: New Company Data Integration

If you own or acquire multiple companies, you’ll be familiar with the challenge of data integration. In theory, implementing a master data management system seems like a feasible, worthwhile venture. In practice, it can be a nightmare.

With Syniti alongside Doppio, we enable Infor M3 customers to integrate and extract data, making it easy to compile and organize your financial records across several organizations.

Use case #3: Data Quality

Going beyond data integration, you must consider the potential for issues as your data management system grows. With several enterprises housed under one roof, data quality can take a hit when duplicates and unreliable sources start appearing.

Syniti is a renowned master data management system, so we’re confident they will help enterprises refine data quality and improve the accuracy of their data sources.

Use case #4: Data Governance

Data governance is a vital element of successful master data management that sets out your enterprise’s rules and policies concerning data ownership, data processes, and how it manages data warehouses and data lakes.

If you lack good data governance, chances are, your enterprise will be working with bad data. Furthermore, it’s vital to have good oversight of your data lakes to understand who accesses it, and what actions they can or can’t take when working within your enterprise data infrastructure.

Traditional architectures require analysts to extract data from a data lake, before cleaning it and loading it into data warehouses. Syniti effectively sits in front of the data lake, ensuring the highest levels of data quality before anything enters the lake. This setup bolsters data governance, so your enterprise has good, reliable data for AI applications, like predictive analytics or data projection reports.

Serving Infor Customers for the Entire Lifecycle

By partnering with Syniti, Doppio enables you to go beyond a one-time event of data migration. Now, we serve Infor M3 customers throughout the end-to-end lifecycle of their data management.

William Kragie, Chief Executive Officer, Doppio Group, said “The Syniti partnership is a significant step forward for current and prospective Infor CloudSuite customers.  Historically, clients have asked us to build custom software to cleanse and load data based on unique business requirements. With Syniti’s knowledge platform, Doppio can deliver data quality as a service for migration projects to M3 multi-tenant and support data governance and master data management best practices on a recurring basis. Doppio will not only play a role at a single point in time in the data transformation journey, but service Infor customers from project launch to future state.”

You can learn more about the exciting data transformation possibilities ahead by getting in touch me with at emily@doppiogroup.com or by signing up for our email list to get the latest updates from the Doppio blog.

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