Managed Services

Doppio Group’s Managed Services provide a fully outsourced IT function to support your M3 technology.  In a niche market, M3 technical experts are few and far between.  With Doppio Group’s Managed Services, you receive access to our global team of M3 experts around the clock. 

Our comprehensive Managed Services package covers all your needs, from project management and development to troubleshooting and support.  The Managed Service offering is tailored to fit your needs, while ensuring significant cost savings.  When facing challenges with M3, avoid unnecessary headaches and leverage our team of experts.

Comprehensive services including scope identification, planning, project management, development, custom integration builds, maintenance, support, and troubleshooting.
Significant cost reduction by working with Doppio Group, as compared to handling these projects in house.
24/7 access to a scalable, global team of full time developers with 50+ years of experience and expertise.
Predictable, consistent budgeting without any surprise costs by utilizing our pre-determined monthly support hours.
Ability to leverage our knowledge, based on industry experience and relationships, when you have important decisions to make.

Professional Services

Doppio Group’s Professional Services allow you to utilize our team of experts to provide hourly, on demand help with any M3 technical requirement. Whether it’s integrating new software, improving the user’s experience or building reports, we have the experts to help. Our team’s extensive experience covers all of the core technology of M3.

Our all-encompassing approach is implemented across all integration services, such as risk assessments, scope identification, project planning, project management, design, development, and testing. We are here to turn what seems impossible into a reality.

Credit Card Processing
Drop Shipments
Warehouse Integrations – 3PL
Inventory Management
Bank File Automation
Bank Reconciliations
Back Office Automation
Order Management
Delivery Management

Technical Training

Doppio offers training packages on all M3 technologies. Training can be done remotely or locally, based on customer preference. Our team leverages a hands-on approach in training, allowing users to solve real business problems and quickly gain useful M3 knowledge. Our trainings will get your resources up to speed and allow your company to be self sustaining.

Event Hub
Process Automation
M3 API’s
M3 Web Services
Smart Office Jscript
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our Products

Doppio Group provides a complete portfolio of products that solve M3 customers’ most critical challenges. We’ve built these products to be scalable and usable for all M3 customers. This helps customers lower upfront costs by easily leveraging our “out-of-the-box” solutions.

Integrated Payments

Enable credit card payments in M3 without modifications, instantly apply cash to AR, eliminate reconciliations.

Data Visualization Dashboard

D3 technology allows you to visually parse through data to make informed, real time decisions with a mobile app.

SPS Commerce integration

Scalable EDI solution with access to a +2,000 company retail network and fast time to market.

Bank Integration

Reduce reconciliations between M3 and your bank by integrating ACH and Positive Pay transactions.

EDI Dashboard

Easily monitor your EDI environment through a web dashboard that syncs in real-time.

Discover Doppio’s New,
Interactive EDI Dashboard

Doppio Group collaborates with a number of exceptional partners to provide our clients with the best solutions available.

Doppio Group’s Integrated Payment solution leverages Card Connect, a leading provider of payment processing services, for an out­-of-the-­box order entry credit card integration.

Partnering with ProShip, Doppio Group has developed an integrated shipping solution which can be applied to all M3 customers.

Doppio Group has developed a seamless EDI integration with SPS Commerce’s RSX retail network of over 7,000 retailers.

Doppio Group and Liaison Technologies, a global integration and data management company, collaborate to provide an integrated EDI solution for Infor M3 users.

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